this is just a never ending story of creeping sharia…. A Kansas Infidel Perspective

Ahmed with Dhimmi Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

On August 16, 2011, Pastor Adam Hamilton sat down with three leaders in the Kansas City Muslim community.  We will be focusing this story on one of those KC Muslim leaders named Ahmed El-Sherif. The DHIMMI Pastor Hamilton joined hands with Ahmed El-Sherif and the two other KC Muslim leaders in an effort to soft cuddle Islam. The same old laughable comments such as, “The word Islam is derived from the word Salam (PEACE)” which is a complete lie, Islam means Submission and I thought everyone knew this by now. But lets not dwell on the small TAQIYYA tactics and the soft spoken lies.

If you want to see the 30 minute video with the Dhimmi Pastor and his creeping sharia friends, you can do so at this link. Always keep in mind that what you are seeing is Taqiyya, and this is a really thick layer of TAQIYYA

Lets get to the real story here….. who is Ahmed El-Sherif??? and how is he connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?

You can read all about Ahmed El-Sherif here  You see pictures of him meeting with Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, no surprise, and many many Former Kansas City Mayors. Ahmed has been in Kansas City since 1989…… a big year for jihadists in Kansas City, you can see why at this link   in that story Ahmed is mentioned as he remarks on a Jihad Convention in Kansas City in 1989…… you can see video from this convention here

Ahmed el-Sherif, founder of the American-Muslim Council of the Midwest, reviewed parts of the promotional tape for this report. He said the event appeared to relate almost entirely to the Israel-Palestine conflict, not to violence against the West. But he acknowledged being shocked by the image of the masked terrorist at the lectern. El-Sherif, a moderate Muslim, is working with area civic and religious leaders to strengthen cultural awareness.

“Kansas City allowed this?” he exclaimed.

Ahmed moved to Kansas City in 1989, if you have been checking the links while moving through this story, you will now know that Amed El-Sherif has an Uncle by the name of Kamel Al-Sherif. And in a glowing article regarding his uncle in a Kansas City Star article found on Ahmeds website (link above) he talks about carrying on his uncles work.

Beloved uncle served as a model for peaceful co-existence 
Special to The Star

Kamel Al-Sherif was a world citizen working for peace. He was also my uncle. He also affected friends here, in Kansas City. I shall miss him as a leader. And I shall miss him like a father. He may have left this life physically, but he left behind a legacy to follow. I would meet up with him at various conferences . . . in Amman, in Rome, in Copenhagen, in Brussels, in Cairo and in Washington, D.C. 

So by now you know that this is an article that honored Ahmed’s uncle right, well…… His uncle is a significant Muslim Brotherhood leader and in the following quote Ahmed says what is driving him and what direction he is going……

The late Kamel Al Sharif died in his mid 80’s.

Ahmed also goes on in his Kansas City star article about his uncle. “Yet I also cannot help but be more determined than ever to keep his (uncle Kamel Al Sherif) legacy and style alive. It is much needed today to have a better world.”

From a young man, to Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamel Al-Sharif uncle of Ahmed Al-Sharif

NEFA has a story here that is a must read, and UNCLE Kamel Al Sherif is mention 4 times in this article as a key Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Now you can see a bit more of the jihadist nephew of Muslim Brotherhood leader here from 2009.

Kansas City – Jan. 6 2009 at the Jewish Community Campus. Gershon Kedar, deputy consul general of Israel to the Midwest, spoke to a crowd of about 500 people about the situation in Gaza, then took questions from the audience, including this one from Ahmed El-Sherif, an Egyptian-born area resident, which drew a mixed reaction from the crowd. the question that Ahmed asked is hard to make out, but it is clear he was blowing sunshine up their butts and trying to say it was all warm and FUZZY as Allen West would say…… and the crowd was not happy about it.

You just can’t make this stuff up…….

If you noticed on Ahmeds website he also had his picture taken with  Gordon R. England, Deputy Secretary of Defense and former Secretary of the Navy. He is no stranger to holding hands with Muslim Brotherhood

UPDATE regarding Ahmed El-Sherif

Video from C-Span May 7, 1999 with Ahmed El-Sherif, Founder of (AMC) American Muslim Council, Heartland Chapter Director.   He is seen in this video with Dr. M. Aslam Cheema, then treasurer of AMC, later to become  President of AMC National. Related to this is also the fact that Ahmed El-Sherif of Kansas City can be found on a list of organizations opposing sanctions on Iraq. The Iraq Sanctions Challenge was initiated by the International Action Center, founded in 1992 by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Click here, This is a Must read on IAC International Action Center

You can see Ahmed listed on the Iraq Sanctions Challenge document as follows – American Muslim Council Midwest, Shifa International Ahmed El-Sherif P.O. Box 6092 Leawood, Kansas 66206 phone: 913 541 0404 fax: 913 541 8808 e-mail:      see this document here.

Some people may remember (AMC) American Muslim Council a group that made the News back in 2003

  • Its Chairman, Abdulrahman Alamoudi, was imprisoned for terror-related convictions in 2003
  • Supported Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah
  • Defended terror suspect and Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian
  • Now defunct but their website can still be found using (wayback) click here to see the board & staff page.

To see the very impressive list of terror ties AMC has click here.

In 2007 the Department of Justice First Freedom Project was started in Kansas City with a meeting of mainly Islamic groups. You can see an 11 page document regarding this meeting with Attorney General Gonzales in the link below but the “key text” we are looking at here is the following.

Past Events involving Local Kansas City, MO Islamic Groups or Individuals

3. April 2003: Report on Akhtar Chaudhry being appointed as Chief Administrative
Officer of Jackson County, MO (Former President of American Muslim Council, Heartland chapter)

Ahmed El-Sherif, founder, American Muslim Council, Heartland Chapter;, Box 6092, SMKS 66206      see the entire document HERE

MORE TO COME, I am just getting started FOLKS!!! The Kansas Infidel

Translation of Malik’s Muwatta, Book 21:
Book 21, Number 21.2.7: Yahya related to me from Malik from Nafi that Abdullah ibn Umar said that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, forbade travelling with a Qur’an in the land of the enemy. Malik commented, “That is out of fear that the enemy will get hold of it.”

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  1. Great read! They are certainly our enemies!


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