Kansas City Muslim Claims Interfaith Participants are Apostates (VIDEO)

Posted on March 14, 2019


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A Facebook post by an outspoken Kansas City Muslim from an influencial family pretty much spells it out. The end message is tragic, and it leaves no room to argue. The Christians and the Jews are the (kuffar) enemy, and you should not be friends…….  not if you are a real Muslim. So says Rasheed Furqan. The thread is live, you can see it for yourself on facebook here. 

I screen captured the lesson on Islam given by Rasheed Furqan, and the plan he has sucks, big time. See it in the video below, and pause it to read the entire text, it is revealing. In the video you will see a picture with Sheikh Khalid Yasin in Lawrence, KS. If you are not familiar with hate preacher Khalid Yasin, you can fix that by seeing his bio here. But a long story short, Khalid Yasin makes the Westboro Baptist Church look like the Apple Dumpling Gang….. 

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Rasheed Furqan administrator for Muslim MarketplaceKCRasheed Furqan response to Charlie Hebdo

Rasheed Furan had a reactionary comment regarding the Charlie Hebdo shootings that killed 10 people on Jan 7, 2015. The bodies were still warm. As mentioned, Rasheed’s father Imam Yahya Furqan was photographed inside the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS with Khalid Yasin. This is very interesting to note, as CAIR-KS leader Moussa Elbayoumy who is a leader at the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS had the opposite reaction to the Charlie Hebdo jihad attack.

The suspected shooters who killed 10 journalists from French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and two police officers in an attack Wednesday have been connected to Al-Qaeda by many sources. The Council on American Islamic Relations cautions that jumping to conclusions about the attackers can deepen anti-Islamic sentiments both intentionally and unintentionally. Moussa Elbayoumy is chairman for the Kansas branch of CAIR. He says that while his organization remains cautious, they’re relieved by the media response surrounding the attack so far.

Who is the real Muslim, Rasheed Furqan and Khalid Yasin, or CAIR-KS Moussa Elbayoumy? Does Imam Yahya Furqan back his son, or Moussa? OLDER POST HERE.

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Moussa Elbayoumy 2004 CAIR-KS (left) Hate Preacher Khalid Yasin (center) Imam Yahya Furqan (right) Lawrence, KS Islamic Center 2010

Moussa Elbayoumy also was a guest Imam in Topeka, KS at the Capitol where he invited the entire legislature, and all Kansans to the “Straight Path”

For a good laugh, the tweet below is epic….