Kansas City Islamic Leader – “Homosexuals Should Be Killed”

Posted on November 21, 2022


Abdullah Bayazid speaks at Kansas University Edwards Campus

Abdullah Bayazid is a well respected Islamic scholar in the greater Kansas City area. He gives very detailed lectures on Islamic Sacred Law or “Sharia”. Many of his lectures are posted online some of them over three hours in length. I have listened to many hours of his lectures over the past few years.

Abdullah is a rather jolly old dude with a sense of humor and charisma but he does rant about the kufar (filthy infidel) on the regular…..

A video loaded 4 months ago to youtube goes after the homosexual community and Sheikh Abdullah Bayazid says they should be killed according to Allah. He is a “scholar” I guess he should know eah?

UPDATE 12/01/2022

We first posted this on 11/20/22 and it is great to see the folks at MEMRI pick it up and edit the video with subtitles below.

This lecture takes place at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City ISGKC see the entire unedited video below. The headline from the KC Star is almost comedy….. almost.

There are two ISIS members that have ties to the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City the most recent seen below.

Allison is NOT ALONE folks…….

FLASHBACK – prior to the @causingfitna Twitter account being banned we were warning about Abdullah and his questionable statements. See the video below.


Ironically Kansas Governor Laura Kelly invited a long time leader from ISGKC to her inauguration day interfaith meeting entitled “UNITY” in her first term…. Will she do the same again? See previous post here.

The Kansas media as a whole are completely fubar.

Bonus track!

Abdullah Bayazid explains why Muslims should not help the USA Military because they are kufar (infidels)…. Sheikh Bayazid invokes the Islamic opinions of Abdullah Azzam the mentor to Osama Bin Laden in the video lecture below.

VIDEO excerpts start at the 1 hr mark

A recent biography of Abdullah Azzam is highlighted in the video below by the author, for a refresher of the significance he has had on global jihad I encourage all to watch below.

In 2002 Abdullah Bayazid was quoted below…… UNITY https://www.cres.org/star/star2002.htm

One video lecture by Abdullah Bayazid I would like to see is the “Understanding Jihad” lecture listed in the Wayback Machine April 2001 as screen captured below.