There is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States – FALSE

The Muslim Brotherhood in America and some of the leading Islamic groups throughout the USA have been a hot button issue for some time. Both corrupt/ignorant politicians and the media have tried repeatedly to paint any who speak of the Muslim Brotherhood as “crazies”……. that is coming to an end. The “Ikhwan” AKA “Muslim Brotherhood” has been in America long enough to plant their offspring on U.S. soil making them legal citizens even in the event that they are deported, thus the Ikhwan remains.  DEPORTED Dr. Salah Sultan of Ohio is a perfect example.

In a few recent articles by Patrick Poole, and a documentary put out by Glenn Beck called “The Project”, newly found pictures of Dr. Salah Sultan made it clear he was a Muslim Brotherhood operative in the U.S.

The newly found pictures of Salah Sultan were found by  “CAUSING FITNA” while researching Kansas City Islamic groups that raised our attention through some of their actions and online activity.

We have continued to research these ties of  Salah Sultan and Kansas City. Below you will see a recent picture of Dr. Salah Sultan, The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Mohammed Sultan, a Ohio State University grad, and former President of the Muslim Students Association at OSU.

Mohammed Soltan meetign Qaradawy 3

Governer Chris Christie infamously referred to people with such concerns as ‘crazies’ he was ‘tired of dealing’ with when he came under fire for appointing Sohail Mohammed – to a Superior Court judgeship in Pasaic County, New Jersey. Video can be seen here as Chris Christie calls us crazy, even as more evidence pours out daily. Today more will pour out as you continue reading this post.

In the video above Gov. Chris Christie’s favorite Muslim says there is “NO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in the United States”. This statement leaves only two options, he is either ignorant, or he is lying…… We don’t believe he is ignorant, but anything is possible right?

A closer look at Mohamed Sultan’s twitter feed may give some insight into the Ohio MSA and how his father raised him.

Mohammed Sultan Ikwan makes Islam in West

Mohamed Sultan is a Citizen of Ohio, which the last time I checked was in the UNITED STATES…… any questions?

Mohammed Sultan FREEDOM FIGHTER hamas Khaled Mashal

This is without a doubt open praise of HAMAS. The so-called LION in the picture above is none other than Khaled Mashal, a Palestinian political leader. Mashal has been the main leader of the Palestinian organization Hamas since 2004.

Mohammed Soltan Islam is NOT A RELIGION

While we find Mohamed Soltan to be a very troubling supporter of terrorist organizations, we do agree with him that Islam and Politics do mix, SHARIA comes to mind. Another point that we agree on, is that Islam is not a RELIGION, but a complete way of life, guided by the Sharia, totalitarian in nature as Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West puts it.

Mohammed Sultan and Dahee Saeed

As stated previously, we became more interested in the activities of the Sultan family while researching Kansas City Islamic groups. The Islamic Center of Johnson County in Overland Park, Kansas is very well acquainted with Mohammed Sultan. The picture above shows Imam of ICJC Dahee Saeed with Mohamed Sultan in Kansas City. With ICJC planning a new Mega Mosque in the Overland Park community, Kansans might want to know a bit more about this group, and if they are affiliated with the Ikhwan in any way.  It should be noted that the Muslim Brotherhood have been well established in Kansas City for many years, as documented in Steve Emerson’s “Jihad in America”. A portion of that can be seen here highlighting a convention at Bartle Hall – take note that this video is posted from the youtube favorites playlist (screencapture below) of Mohammad Albadawi, a leader with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, as well as a leading organizer for MAS-ICNA conventions nationwide for many years. Screencapture attached in the case that Mr. Albadawi gets clever and removes this video from playlists. 🙂

Mohammad Albadawi favorites Qaradawi in KC

Mohammad Albadawi also makes some interesting facebook posts of quotes of Abdullah Azzam of whom the above mentioned convention was dedicated. Abdullah Azzam  is also known as a teacher and mentor of Osama bin Laden….. The facebook screencapture below was translated from Arabic using google translate.

Mohammad Albadawi quote screen capture

Mohamad Albadawi was also the Convention Chairman of the 1993 Muslim Arab Youth Association Convention in Detroit. He is quoted in The Argus-Press as saying “Muslims parents were worried about their children becoming OVER-AMERICANIZED, losing their Arabic language, and the culture of their homeland.”

This line of thinking may be somewhat counter-productive to ASSIMILATION! Abdullah Azzam’s CULTURE can pound sand……. If Sharia is on your mind, you may want to pack your bags and head on home…. Just a reminder Mr. Albadawi, when you become a US Citizen, your oath is to the US Constitution.

Mohammad Albadawi facebook screencaptureMohammed Albadawi is also registered with the Secretary of State in Missouri as the registered agent for tax exempt status for the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. If he has anything to do with teaching kids, it should be no wonder we see American born Muslims like Mohamad Sultan suporting HAMAS and the Ikhwan so openly. Mohammed El-Housiny a Viva Palestina organizer also has been both a student and a leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, so it is not surprising to see him join with George Galloway while taking money to HAMAS. A portion of a recent radio interview with Mohamad Sultan and Mohammed El-Housiny can be heard here, it should also give some insight into their views.


The photo below is from the 2009 Muslim American Society gathering at the Overland Park, KS Marriott. Pictures on the left is Imam Dahee Saeed of the Islamic Center of Johnson County, on the right is Mohamad Albadawi, and MD Rabbi Alam is in the rear on the left. MD Rabbi Alam is currently trying to organize the Million Muslim March to the White house on 9/11/2013. Yes, on 911…….

Albadawi Dahee Saeed and MD Alam

Dahee Saeed, the Imam of the Islamic Center of Johnson County Kansas also makes interesting posts to facebook. Really there are just more troublesome posts than can be listed here, so we will stick to the most significant for now.  The screencapture below is of a video posted to his facebook.

Dahee Saeed screen capture of Qaradawi video post

The actual video has been downloaded and uploaded to youtube for your viewing here. As of now we have no translation of the video, if anyone cares to translate it for us, that would be appreciated. However the people in the video are significant. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Dr. Salah Sultan can both be seen in this video. There are really only two reasons for uploading a video of Qaradawi and Sultan to any site, either you support these men and admire them, or you are studying the “Islamic Threat Doctrine” and sharing for informational purposes……… I will let the reader decide on that one…..

ICJC Imam Dahee Saeed can also be seen at the 7th annual MAS-ICNA convention with Mahdi Bray, as he recites Quran perfectly on stage here.

Imam Dahee Saeed also seems to be somewhat infatuated with the new Islamist Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt. As a resident of Overland Park, Kansas his allegiance seems more toward Egypt than American, but again, we will leave that to the reader. The screencaptures below are just a fraction of the Morsi postings on his page.

Dahee Saeed Screen Cap Morsi

Dahee Saeed Screen Capture Morsi pics

Now, with the info seen above, and that is just a small portion of it, do citizens of Overland Park and Johnson County feel better about the new Mega Mosque they have planned for this area? Is this another Muslim Brotherhood project of Islamist supremacy? As seen below in another screencapture from Imam Dahee Saeed’s facebook show what they are planning, and so the fun continues. Citizens of Johnson County Kansas and Greater Kansas City, are you going to sleep through this? We sure hope not, and encourage all to take a real good look at this info, and do some research of your own.

Dahee Saeed Screen Capture of ICJC Mega Mosque picture

The video below is of Ahmed El-Sherif of Leawood, Kansas. He is old school Muslim Brotherhood, and he has vowed to carry on the work of the Ikhwan, even so bold to say as much in his articles featured in the KC Star. The KC Star is nothing more than an echo chamber for the Midwest Muslim Brotherhood.

If you have information regarding this issue that can show us where we have it wrong, please send it to us. We would prefer to be doing other things, but it appears the media has failed, REPEATEDLY on this issue. In some instances the media has actually helped the Muslim Brotherhood, and that is even worse than failing……

UPDATE: It appears this story is just a few days late……. but we have good news! SEE below.

Mohamad Sultan leaves OHIO

As the screencapture above shows, Mohamed Soltan has left America as of Feb 7th, 2013! That should be good news for anyone in Ohio and America. Of course there are still many Muslim Brotherhood supporters in the USA. Lets just hope for Mohamed Sultan’s sake, that he is not one of Obama’s American drone strike targets……. 😉

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  1. Great Information here CF! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. BayouCoyote

    February 20, 2013



  3. Dave Yearn

    June 11, 2014

  4. The Muslim Brotherhood came into our government in 1996 the same year they installed Huma abedin to work for Hillary Clinton

  5. Call IRS-Exempt Organization at 1-877-829-5500. Ask about how come the Muslim American Society-Kansas City (MAS-KC) was registered with IRS as a CHURCH, since 2004? MAS-KC EIN is 43-2038564 with principal place address of 9520 James A. Reed Road, Suite F, Kansas City, MO 64134. MAS-KC is not a CHURCH or a MASJID! MAS-KC is not even affiliated with a CHURCH. This is a complete Fraud and Abusive Transaction Involving an Exempt Organization. MAS are the Muslim Brotherhoods (Al-Ikhwan) in USA.
    The MAS-KC was enrolled with the State of Missouri on 01/05/2004 (Charter # N00560134). Then, MAS-KC was registered with the State of Kansas on 06/28/2005 (Entity ID # 3804572). They did the CHURCH registration to receive IRS exemption from filing Form 990, and hence hide all MAS-KC leaders’ financial activities from the public. The MAS-KC leaders are Amjad Dalaq, Mohamed Albadawi, Fadi Banyalmarjeh, Mustafa Hussein, Akram Dalaq, Jehad Abdeljawad, Jehad Qaddour, and Hassan Shatarah. You may use Form 13909, Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form, to report an abusive transaction involving an exempt organization like MAS-KC.

    • Thanks for the info Ryan. The devious MAS using the law to destroy the us constitution and usher in Sharia…. it is impressive and infuriating at the same time.

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