Kansas Rep Steve Watkins Ignores Jihad for Political Correctness

Posted on February 18, 2019


Steve Watkins knows jihadists are in Kansas, but as a true politician, he is silent. It has become apparent that Steve is ignoring the topic, of jihad, the same way the MEDIA ignores the problem. This post is for future reference, as we have made numerous attempts to point Steve in the direction of alarming info, such as the short video below that exposes the KC MEDIA as tools of jihad.

Steve Watkins knows about the video above, we sent it to him through multiple channels.    Steve will ignore this as long as possible, but sooner or later, we will be seeing much more Islam. Former KS Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins was also warned about this info as well, and she jumped out the backdoor to become a lobbyist…… she said nothing, she was scared to talk about jihad, because PC. Don’t worry Lynn, your secret is safe with Steve, he is not going to say anything about jihad…..

Kansas lawmakers should pay attention here! CAIR is a JIHADI organization…..

Speaking to Islamist Watch, Rep Smith recounted that he had been determined to reintroduce the bill after its initial defeat; before the second committee vote, he said, he had “had a couple committee members who feared retribution from CAIR, but I convinced them to vote ‘Yes.'” Noting that “Oklahoma and Kentucky House members have been targeted by CAIR by way of emails and phone calls” in an effort to create alliances, Rep Smith emphasized that CAIR’s persistent local lobbying efforts show the necessity of preemptively cutting off its community engagement.


Below is a 15 week educational course from former Military and Law Enforcement who understand the Jihadist and Dawa (pre-jihad) threats. Lynn Jenkins and Steve Watkins may skip this course, but to all who want to know more about the jihadists amongst us, yes in Kansas too, take the course below.