Kansas Muslim leader who attended Governor Laura Kelly’s interfaith meeting: “Alawites more dangerous to Islam than Christians and Jews”

Posted on December 24, 2020


On the day Kansas Governor Laura Kelly was inaugurated, she also met with an associate of the Islamic Center of Kansas and CAIR rep Mohamed Odah. WIBW posted a picture of Mohamed Odah in their report but failed to inform the public that a member of a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque was invited to the governors interfaith service.

I stumbled upon a 2012 video from the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City of Mohamed Odah describing the Alawites of Syria. Odah says the Alawites are considered kufar (infidels) and are more dangerous to Islam than the Christians and the Jews.

Governor Laura Kelly’s interfaith service theme was “Unity” and yet that is hardly the feeling one gets when listening to Mohamed Odah in the video below……. Watch the video and see prior post here.

Mohamed Odah who was a representative of the Islamic faith at Governor Laura Kelly’s interfaith service is an associate with the Islamic Center of Kansas ICK.

Another influential Muslim scholar who teaches Islamic Sharia (Law) at ICK is Shiekh Abdullah Bayazid seen in the video below casually telling Muslims chopping off hands in beneficial.

Let that sink in while you realize the Johnson County Planning Commission just approved an expansion project for a huge Islamic Center being built by ICK and the Muslim American Society aka Muslim Brotherhood. See previous post detailing the people behind the expansion project here.

Turkish President Erdogan recorded a video message to the Muslim American Society on December 1, 2020 seen below.

The Muslim American Society aka the Muslim Brotherhood is teaching children in Kansas that Islamic Sharia (Law) supersedes and abrogates the U.S. Constitution. With the recent beheading in France Macron has called the Islamists as a dangerous separatist movement. In the video below one of the most significant bit of info is the fact that the Muslim children pointed out the “teacher” who showed the kids the offensive “cartoons” before the jihadist beheaded him…….. let that sink it……