Former CAIR Missouri Communications Director “We are at the gates of Al-Malhama”

Posted on March 20, 2018


More than a year has passed since I noticed some interesting posts online regarding Sayyid Qutb made by Meraj Sirajuddin. At first I did not know who Meraj was, I just noticed a convert to Islam, Brother Casey who works at the Islamic Center of Kansas reposting his material. To my shock I was reading posts by the Communications Director for CAIR-MO, and his “communications” were…..  Well, you can see it below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.43.47 PM

“Now we are at the Gates of Al-Malhama, the next stage.”

Al-Malhama Al-Kubra – Wikipedia

AlMalhama Al-Kubra, or the “Great Battle” is the prophesied battle between Muslim and disbeliever armies, during the end times. Malāḥim (الملاحم) means bloody fights, massacres. It is believed that it will take place at Dabiq and Muslims will fight against the Romans. The defeat of Romans will lead to Dajjal coming out.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.40.06 PM.png

As a professional “Communications Director”, What message do you think he is trying to communicate to us? The picture above shows him standing in front of Missouri Representative Billy Long’s office. Do you think he dropped off a copy of “Milestones” so Billy could prepare for al-Malhama?

Another very influential Muslim leader in Kansas City, Ahmed El-Sherif is also saying the Mahdi is near, I just posted a video and article about it last week here.



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