Mohamed Soltan – Former Kansas City Student Raised by Muslim Brotherhood Attacks Trump

Posted on September 8, 2018


The wedding referred to in the NYT story screen captured below is that of Mohamed Soltan, the son of a influential Muslim Brotherhood leader Salah Soltan. The picture of his father Salah Soltan in the New York Times article is almost laughable.

Salah Soltan is currently in an Egyptian prison. As the New York Times headline points out, Mohamed Soltan was in prison along side his father but was released with help from the Obama administration.

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Soltan attended the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City that is run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hillary Clinton blamed a VIDEO that offended Muslims for the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks. Two weeks later the ISGKC petitioned Obama for a ban on Free Speech.

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Mohamed Kohia was interviewed by KSHB 41 story regarding the ISGKC petition to ban free speech. Mohamed Kohia is also an acquaintance of Mohamed Soltan, and has attended Muslim American Society HAMAS fundraisers in Overland Park, KS. Kohia is picture above at a 2009 Muslim American Society event in Overland Park, KS where they raised $100,000.

Mohammed Soltan meetign Qaradawy 3

Mohammed Soltan and Salah Soltan pictured above with fundamentals Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in Egypt prior to the ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Mohamed Soltan was eventually released from prison and now writes the occasional story for the Washington Post.

Speaking of Free Speech? Let Patrick Poole explain it further below.

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