Amjad Dalaq – Islamic Center of Kansas and Muslim American Society

Posted on March 17, 2019


Amjad Dalaq was Chairman of the Islamic Center of Kansas in 2005, and the manager of the Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City in 1999. Both mosques are owned by the Muslim Brotherhood’s NAIT North American Islamic Trust. In 2005 Amjad Dalaq signed onto a FATWA issued by the Fiqh Council of North America after the London Jihad attacks.

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NBC – July 28, 2005 American Muslim scholars who interpret religious law for their community issued an edict in response to the July, 7 2005 London Jihad attacks condemning terrorism against civilians in response to the wave of deadly attacks in Britain and other countries.

In the statement, called a fatwa, the 18-member Fiqh Council of North America wrote that people who commit terrorism in the name of Islam were “criminals, not ‘martyrs.”’

As of 2019 the Islamic Center of Kansas is negotiating with the city of Overland Park Planning Commission for a large expansion project that includes an Islamic Center and Islamic School. The project is being planned by MAS-KC Muslim American Society of Kansas City and ICK Islamic Center of Kansas. The Muslim American Society is a designated terror organization in the UAE since 2014 and is known to be the Muslim Brotherhood USA.

January 8, 2019 – Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the new Islamic Center and School being built by ICK and MASKC. See more here.

Amjad Dalaq and Dr. Jihad Qaddour 2004 archived website for the Islamic Center of Kansas BOD

Josh Kafir, the admin for the CausingFitna blog had an encounter with Amjad Dalaq, Akram Dalaq, and Mohamad Albadawi in 2014 at the JC Nichols fountains in Kansas City, Missouri. When Mohamad Albadawi was asked about posting Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda materials to social media, Amjad Dalaq became physical and started pushing, and he was visibly agitated.

Amjad Dalaq was the Chairman of the Islamic Center of Kansas in 2005. Amjad was also manager of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City in 1999. The year is significant as Mohamed Soltan was attending school at ISGKC at this time. Soltan went on from the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City to accompany George Galloway on convoys aiding HAMAS and later ended up in an Egyptian prison for his role with the Muslim Brotherhood. Patrick Poole has detailed Soltan’s HAMAS affiliations as recently as March of 2019, see it here.

1999 The KC Star “There’s a Muslim population between 10,000 and 15,000 people in the Kansas City area, but most people do not know about our religion and it is sometimes a problem for us, taking off our holidays from school or work,” said Amjad Dalaq, manager of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City.

“Our children who go to public schools, kids in their classes sometimes don’t understand what they believe and make fun of them, and some teachers don’t like our children taking off school days for our holidays,” Dalaq said. “Some parents just take our kids out of school for the day anyway.”

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In 2010 hate preacher Khalid Yasin was a featured guest at several greater Kansas City area mosques, including the Islamic Center of Kansas.

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Will there be more Mohamed Soltan kids in Kansas soon? You better believe it, with Schools run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohammed Sultan Egypt revolt against Morsi
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