Kansas Governor Kelly Hosts Closed-Door Interfaith Meeting with Imam Tied to KC Mosque That Petitioned for Ban on Free Speech

Posted on January 28, 2019


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Laura Kelly spent time before taking her oath as governor attending an interfaith service.

The story above mentioned that this was a meeting not open to the public. One of the attendees left unnamed in the WIBW story was a man by the name of Dr. Mohammed Odeh, a video of a sermon given at ISGKC by Dr. Odeh can be seen here courtesy of MD Alam. The Islamic Center of Greater Kansas City has a long history of troubling ties to jihadist groups like HAMAS.

Let us also recall the fact that 2 weeks after the Benghazi event was blamed on a video, the ISGKC petitioned for a ban on free speech, and held a funeral for the Garland, Texas jihadist Nadir Soofi. Patrick Poole reported here.

Let us hope Governor Laura Kelly takes a good hard look at some of this info, and especially the Overland Park, KS Refugee Services at this link.

Another unnamed person of interest in the WIBW story is Imam Omar Hazim, a member of ISNA the Islamic Society of North America with his own BIO page….. that no longer exists but here is the archived version.

He was also the Imam assigned to the Fort Riley jihadi and failed to convince the guy… see the prior post here.

In Canada they are looking closer at ISNA, and in Kansas we have Laura Kelly ready to jump in a burqa. As of October 1, 2018 Canada was looking at ISNA and jihad support.

source: globalnews.ca Oct 1, 2018

A major Canadian Islamic organization has been suspended and fined by federal charities regulators following an audit that raised concerns it had “provided resources” that may have been used to support to armed militancy.

Let us take a real close look at ISNA in the midwest, grab some popcorn.

Congressman Steve Watkins is someone who also should take a good hard look at this info, as we have urged him to do on occasion…… politicians tend to be very scared at even talking about…… ISLAM

OH and BTW, if you want to see what other Muslims in the KC area think about the interfaith crowd, check the video below.

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