FBI Attempt to De-Radicalize Kansas Jihadist Fails – Now What?

Posted on April 18, 2015


A Kansas Muslim leader is claiming he was assigned by the FBI to try and de-radicalize the man who recentlly tried to bomb Fort Riley for Allah. The video from KSNT News can be seen below along with footage of Topeka Imam Omar Hazim at a Pro-Sharia press conference.

UPDATE: 9/22/2015 – Another Sharia supporter in the video above is a prominent Kansas Democrat by the name of Rehan Reza. He is a member of the Executive Committee for the Kansas Democrat Party. He appears in the video at about the 2 minute mark arriving to the press conference late. He can also be seen with Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in the picture below he posted to facebook in April of this year………

Rehan Reza with Hillary Clinton April of 2015

Rehan Reza with Hillary Clinton April of 2015

There is much more to this story, another video below gives a little bio on Imam Omar Hazim.

Imam Omar Hazim is also a member of the Midland Islamic Council. The above video indicates Imam Omar Hazim is the Islamic advisor to the Kansas Dept. of Corrections, and has served in this position since 1990. More from his ISNA bio page.

Omar Hazim pictured along with other Midland Islamic Council members below. Rusdie El-Ghussein and Ahmed El-Sherif are standing on either side of him. Rushdie El-Ghussein is listed as one of the petitioners asking for a ban on free speech offensive to Islam. Ahmed El-Sherif is AMC American Muslim Council as seen in a video below the picture.

Midland Islamic Council

Interesting to note, Ahmed El-Sherif was recently raided by the FBI and EPA….. However it has been really quiet about the outcome of what happened.

I guess it would be interesting to know if the FBI has had any luck at de-radicalizing jihadists? However in the opinion here at Causing Fitna, this is some really dumb sh%^…… See the original story here. 

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