Prominent Michigan Doctor promotes Radical Muslim Brotherhood ideology

Posted on April 3, 2018


Search results show youtube video that is now private. Sept 6, 2021

Dr. Jawad Shah is a prominent Michigan Doctor with an alarming message for Muslim youth. The video below is from the ISNA Islamic Society of North America 1992 Conference in Kansas City. The GIV logo seen at the bottom right of the video is Ghazali Islamic Video of Lawrence, KS. GIV is run by Hamed Ghazali, former Imam at the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS.

Dr. Jawad Shah, member of Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA) and the Muslim Society of America and principal developer of the PeaceNet halaqa system of Winnipeg

Jawad Shah also served on the board of advisors for the National Muslim Students Association MSA National as listed on the website from 2014-2015.

A more recent video below of Dr. Jawad Shah partnering with the University of Michigan…………..

SCRATCH THAT…..  UPDATED Sept. 6. 2021 – the video below has been made PRIVATE. Yet it is still found in the search results for Duck Duck Go. These folks are hiding a video of Dr. Jawad Shah, and it is funny to watch. The video that is now private is actually not important other than the fact that it shows how easily these people were played by a Muslim Brotherhood acolyte……

Dr. Jawad Shah helps Muslim ex-cons with office space to help them rebuild their lives in this 2013 article. I wonder if he has done the same for Buddhist, Sikh, Atheist, Jews, or any others in the kafir community?

More than 1,000 Muslims celebrate Eid at Flint Islamic Center

By Natalie Zarowny |

SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) – (07/06/16) – Muslims all around the world celebrated Eid on Wednesday, which is the end of Ramadan.

In Mid-Michigan more than a thousand people crowded into the Flint Islamic Center for services and a celebration.

“Eid Mubarak!” said Einas Abutalib from Grand Blanc.

That means, “Happy Eid,” and at the Flint Islamic Center it’s definitely a happy day.

Eid marks the end of a month of fasting from sunup to sundown.

“We get closer to God through this idea. We feel a little bit of what it feels like to be hungry. It gets us closer to other people in terms of people who are less fortunate than us. But even more importantly it’s a constant awareness. All day you’re thinking about why am I doing this?” said Dr. Jawad Shah, who’s on the board of the Flint Islamic Center and also a local neurosurgeon.

Wednesday morning people packed into the mosque to pray and listen to a sermon.

“Eid is now a celebration of that month of getting closer to God and then tasting the fruits of all of that. So it’s really kind of the end of a spiritual journey,” said Dr. Shah.

As Eid is the first time in a month Muslims can break fast, there was plenty of food and treats at the Mosque Wednesday. Eid is also a time for kids to get gifts, and families to get together.

“We’re done fasting and everyone’s just so happy and you celebrate with family and friends and food and gifts, and yeah it’s a fun time,” said Muneera Ahmed from Grand Blanc.

“It’s mixed feelings because it’s a holiday; Ramadan is like leading up to a good holiday, Eid. At the same time Ramadan is a fun time and it just went by so fast this year,” said Einas Abutalib.

ABC may want to follow up with some questions about Dr. Jawad Shaw’s connections with the Muslim Brotherhood……..

Watch an extended version of the 1992 Kansas City ISNA Convention below.

Islam and Democracy: A Fresh Look at the Medina Model

With Dr. Jawad Shah March 26, 2009 University of Michigan Ann Arbor– Fundamental issues even we as Muslims misunderstand with democracy– No example in history where two liberal democracies went to war with each other– Issue of democracy isn’t is this the best form of government or is this democracy something not just utilitarian but a principle– Democracy isn’t a fundamental right (like breathing and eating) but a privilege– If believe humans are fundamentally equal, then no one is higher or lower and democracy is way of establishing a power system– Democracy is defined as rule by the people– Islam doesn’t advocate that democracy is utilitarian but rather a fundamental principle in Islam– Surah Hadid verse saying only reason we sent prophets with book and balance so humans stand up for justiceo Allah saying our entire reason for existence is to establish equality, fairness (Qist), justice– Distinction between qist and adad (justice) in Islamo Qist achieved means absolute justice, so correct decision chosen and everything done to make it fair– Two different forms of shura (consultation)o Shura Mulima: discuss thing as group and leadership does what they wanto Shura Muzlima: shura given and implementation given on basis of what majority wants– Shura mulima is subordinate to shura muzlima (fundamental basis of Islamic polity)– Shura muzlima had to take everyone’s opinion , even prophet not above ito Ex: Battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said shouldn’t go fight them on outskirts but shura muzlima’s decision was to go do it and Prophet (pbuh) said decision is made so we’ll do that, I have to defer to the opinion of the people– Not only unacceptable to be apathetic but rather responsibility to community and Allah to be engaged in the community– First thing early Muslims wanted to make distinction is this revelation (wahi) if not its my responsibility to give proper naseeha (advice) for best of community– Not just matter of organizing people into who has power but it’s also about the values of that society– Values are derived by our environment but to rationally decide what are our values is what Islam pushes us to do– Highest values in Islam enshrined in maqasd’al ama (general supreme objectives of Islam)o 1. Protect the idea of creedo 2. Protect lifeo 3. Protect intellecto 4. Protect progenyo 5. Protect wealtho Those are 5 objectives to achieve qist– Idea of protecting creed is we protect idea of deen, idea of deen look at ayat’al kursi greatest verse of Quran, shows all three aspects of Allaho First statement after ayah is there is no compulsion in religion meaning that deen is what you truly believe in your soul when there’s no external compulsion, protecting idea of deen is that every human should be able to believe without external forces impacting it– In order for these values to enter our hearts, refer to great example of the propheto For instance, his closeness to his Jewish neighbor– Can’t have society without values because then will have tyranny of majority– Islam is trying to achieve qist and it can’t be achieved by laws and regulations external of human, only achieved when its accepted by the individual internally– If people achieve internal purification then internally it’ll protect society– Yes fundamental right for human to decide how be govern and participate in decision making– Principle is there and how organize yourselves procedurally is where reason comes in– Beyond idea of rule of people and issue of values, there’s another discussion on institutions for society (like Zakat which is mandated, are other institutions which are encouraged)

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