Egyptian Muslim Woman Warns Kansas Governor “CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists” gets banned by TWITTER

Posted on January 17, 2021


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Jan 14, 2019 Kelly spent time before taking her oath as governor attending an interfaith service.

The day Kansas Governor Laura Kelly took her oath, she was also secretly meeting with a member of CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations. CAIR is a known to have ties documented in court with HAMAS, a terrorist organization designated as such by President Bill Clinton.

Several attempts were made to inform the Governor of some of this info but it is quite apparent she is on the side of HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood. WIBW did NOT report the name of the CAIR representative in their reporting, nor did they mention that CAIR attended the interfaith service. FAKE NEWS lying by omission.

With the most recent mass censorship even a Muslim woman from Egypt gets taken down by Twitter.

13 Days ago my @causingfitna Twitter account was taken down along with Donald Trump and General Flynn. I also went to twitter to find a friend I had made over the course of 11 years on Twitter. My friend is a Muslim woman and she is very vocal about the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Her twitter account was also suspended…..

13 days ago, literally hours after I asked my Muslim friend to reach out to Governor Laura Kelly and warn her about the Muslim Brotherhood….. Her Twitter account was also suspended.

You can find our last twitter exchange at the following link, and it just goes to show that even Muslim women will be silenced by Big Tech and ignored by leftist politicians. See it here.

I posted about Laura Kelly’s secret meeting with CAIR/HAMAS on January 28, 2019 and not a single Media outlet in Kansas has yet to mention the fact Governor Kelly is playing pussyfoot with Muslim Brotherhood subversives. See previous post here.

You can also see a video of CAIR Rep Mohamed Odah hosted at Bitchute. Odah believes Christians and Jews are dangerous to Islam, but he say the Alawites are more dangerous….. Watch it here.