Nigerian Immigrant Day Care Fraud in Kansas City

Posted on December 3, 2019


The Muslim woman convicted of daycare fraud in Kansas City and her family have an untold number of “Organizations”….. They are into education, and as the court documents indicate, Hauwa Al-Hassan was using her education abilities to teach others how to abuse the system. The court documents mention “Al-Hassan is also the vice president of Guidance Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.”

Hauwa Al-Hassan is the wife of Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan the President of the Guidance Academy of STEM.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Nigerian owner of a day care center in Kansas City, Mo., pleaded guilty in federal court today to submitting false information to the government as part of a fraud scheme to receive federal child care subsidies.
Hauwa Al-Hassan, 49, of Raymore, Mo., pleaded guilty before U.S. Chief District Judge Greg Kays to making false statements to the government.
Al-Hassan, a Nigerian immigrant, is the owner and CEO of Guidance Child Care Center, LLC, a child day care center at 8101 E. Bannister Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Al-Hassan is also the vice president of Guidance Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The video below is a MUST WATCH to get a good idea of what the media won’t tell you.

Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan was appointed Rector by Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in 2014. Dr. Hassan was accused of forging documents but the issue was latter cleared up as reported by several Nigerian news sources.

Hauwa Al-Hassan and Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan sponsored a youth conference in 2011 with featured speakers Siraj Wahhaj and Khalid Yasin. Screen captures below.
The about us page for the Out of the Box youth conference screen captured below says they are mentored by the Purpose of Life Foundation which is Chaired by hate preacher Khalid Yasin. The conference is sponsored by Dr. Yusuf and Hauwa Al-Hassan and their son Yusuf Al-Hassan Jr. is the protege of Khalid Yasin and pals around with Siraj Wahhaj, the notorious New York Imam who encourages Muslims not assimilate into American society.
Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 12.21.30 PM
As the screen captures from the OUT OF THE BOX conference website showed in 2011, the event was also in collaboration with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City ISGKC. Fu’ad Khaleel with the Islamic Center of Central Missouri was also part of the conference.

The video below features Imam Siraj Wahhaj at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City circa 1990 telling Muslims not to assimilate into American society. He encourages Muslims to get into politics for the agenda of Allah. VIDEO BELOW

After watching the video of Siraj Wahhaj from 1991 above and knowing the Hassan family hosted Siraj Wahhaj in 2010 at a youth conference in Kansas City, it should come as no shock to see the youngest son of the Hassan family joined the armed forces.

Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan had previous leadership roles with Islamic School of Kansas City that would later be named UAIS Universal Academy Islamic School. , Dr. Hassan was on the Board of Directors at UAIS. It has since closed down and in 2018 FOX4KC found an alarming number of personal records inside the rundown buildings.

UAIS 2013 Fundraiser featured Dawood Zwink, a founding member of the Islamic Society of Kansas City in the 1970’s. An excerpt from a 2004 article seen below becomes more interesting as time goes on.

Dawood Zwink, someone closely associated with a range of militant Islamic institutions, including the American Muslim Council and the Islamic Society of North America. More worrisome yet is Zwink’s serving as chairperson of the Somali Relief Fund for, as J. Michael Waller pointed out in Senate testimony in October 2003,

Prominent Al-Qaeda operative, Wadih El Hage, now serving life in prison for masterminding 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, reportedly had Somali Relief Fund business card in his possession during a 1997 raid on his home by Kenyan officials.

Below is the Bio from the UAIS fundraiser event in Kansas City 2013

Dawood Zwink UAIS fundraiser

UAIS website archive shows a 2014 Fundraising Banquet featured Shiekh Abdalla Idris Ali

Ali is best known as the former President of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and his virulently anti-Jewish and anti-Christian website, The website also features videos of extremist speakers, including multiple videos by a US government designated global terrorist and al-Qaeda cleric, in addition to promoting violent interpretations of jihad.

Ali’s presidential tenure of ISNA from 1992–1997 marked one of the most radical periods of the organization’s existence. In 1995 under Ali’s oversight ISNA established a defense fund for HAMAS terrorist leader Musa abu Marzook. Reporters for the St. Petersburg Times examining the organization have described ISNA as “the main clearinghouse for Wahhabism in the US” and say that the group is funded by the Saudi government.

The website for UAIS lists Ahmed El-Sherif as the Chemistry teacher. He was found guilty of illegally storing radioactive material is Lenexa, KS and believes the Mahdi might be coming at any moment…… Ahmed is also the nephew of HAMAS/Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamel Al-Sharif, and wrote an obituary that was FEATURED IN THE KC STAR for his jihadist uncle. See more about Ahmed in the link above.
Archived UAIS Website shows the KCMO Police Chaplain Bilal Muhammad was the Principal of UAIS in 2014, and he was also asking questions of Siraj Wahhaj in 1990 at the ISGKC ALARMING video here.
The website for UAIS also lists Dr. Sofia Khan on the Board of Trustees….. She founded the MYNA-KC Muslim Youth of North America KC Chapter. MYNA was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and previous Kansas City MYNA conventions promote the extremist teachings  of Sayid Qutb and Hassan Albanna to the youth.

UAIS has been structured under the umbrella of Universal Foundation, Inc. The Universal Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who manage and maintain the assets of the corporation and are responsible for the availability and stability of funds. 

The Universal Foundation Inc. ???? This post is just started and will be updated later, but you can learn a bit more about the Universal Foundation here.
You might say….. this about more than Daycare Fraud…….
Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 9.41.56 AM.png
So lets make a list of all the fancy “Organizations” these folks have….
  • Out of the Box Foundation with Yusuf Al-Hassan Jr as the CEO
  • African Youth Initiative – Co-Founder Hussain Yusuf
  • Muslims Without Borders Kansas City – Treasurer Hussain Yusuf
  • Global Outreach Leaders – Co-Founder and CEO Hussain Yusuf
  • Guidance Academy of STEM President and Vice President Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan and wife Hauwa Al-Hassan


Source: Cultural Jihad

United Muslim Relief (formerly Muslims Without Borders) was formed in 2011.  Tax records show 2013 received contributions to be $21 million.  In November 2014, the Money Jihad blog reported:

In May of 2013, the financial rating of Islamic Relief USA, the nation’s largest Islamic charity, was downgraded from four stars to two stars by the nonprofit watchdog Charity Navigator. By October of 2013, it was announced that IR-USA’s chief executive officer, Abed Ayoub, was leaving IR-USA to take over a northern Virginia charity now known as United Muslim Relief (UMR), that had dropped its old name, “Muslims Without Borders” one day earlier.

In the 2015 screen capture below from the facebook page of Michael Rasheed commenting on a HuffPost article. Hussain Yusuf also commented on the post and says if he steps into Egypt he will be another Mohamed Soltan. Soltan is a former Kansas City Islamic School student who was caught up in the Muslim Brotherhood jihadi activities prior to Morsi being ousted as President.

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 8.08.06 AM
Facebook post in 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France. Hussain Yusuf says he will be another “Mohamed Soltan” if he steps in Egypt again. Michael Rasheed is the son of influential KC Imam Yahya Furqan. He also joined the group “Help Find Aisha Khan” on facebook. It was a fake abduction and most likely a girl trying to escape SHARIA, FOX4KC says we will never know.

In April of 2016 Hussain and his sister Iman Al-Hassan were pictured in Lesbos doing refugee work and featured in a story here.

In Lesbos Abousalem was joined by other volunteers from the U.S. The group included Kansas City native Hussain Yusuf, a medical student and founder of a charity named African Youth Initiative. Getting to the island had been challenging: Greek hotels and car rental companies had refused Yusuf and his companions service, fearing they were refugees, Yusuf says.

Hussain Yusuf and other aid workers at the Greece - Macedonia border. (Courtesy)
Iman Al-Hassan (center) Hussain Yusuf (right)

Further, the companies were afraid of renting to volunteer aid workers, having experienced refugees housed en masse in their rooms or cars returned to the rental agency covered in mud from being driven on the beach to pick up migrants.

Yusuf says his days on the island in October were spent like a firefighter. ”

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 9.18.14 PM

So the sister is also a trained activist, and as the search results pictured below show Iman Al-Hassan was interviewed for KU’s migration stories propaganda and the interview was conducted by…… Marwa Ghazali…… the daughter of Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS tied Hamed Ghazali.

LOOK AT THE DATE below – Hauwa Al-Hassan was arrested in 2016….. and yet theses Sharia Supremacists act as if nothing is up……

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 8.03.10 AM.png

Yusuf Al-Hassan Jr. is the protege of hate preacher Khalid Yasin who was exposed by Australian media in a 2005 expose featured below. What kind of fool invites Khalid Yasin to a YOUTH CONFERENCE?

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 1.09.11 PM

Hussain Yusuf was listed as the Treasurer of Muslims Without Borders KC 2012.  Hussain is pictured below in the Islamic Center of Kansas along side of Yousef Hammouda, a teacher at ICK. MWBKC

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 8.46.46 AM.png
This picture was taken inside the Islamic Center of Kansas

The Hassan twins also spend time with Isa Hodge, a convert to Islam and one of the organizers of the failed 2013 Million Muslim March on 911 in Washington DC. Hodge and the Hassan twins pictured below slaughtering a sheep for the Islamic holiday of Eid. Learn more about Hodge here.

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 3.10.05 PM