VIDEO: Jomana Qaddour – Muslim American Society at Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission 9-12-2019

Posted on September 29, 2019


Her name is Jomana Jihad Qaddour, from Kansas. Her father is Dr. Jihad Qaddour, and they are with both MAS Muslim American Society and SRD Syria Relief and Development.


Isra Chaker is a member of the Dar-Al-Hijra mosque in Falls Church, Virginia – A Muslim American Society Mosque

MAS National once had an office in Overland Park, KS where Syria Relief and Development is also based. Basically the opinion here at the CF Blog is MAS and SRD are the same organization, but with a different name for dishonest purposes. It all leads back to the Muslim Brotherhood in the end.

The Investigative Project on Terror IPT – MAS was formed by Muslim Brotherhood members in the United States, who debated whether to be open or secretive about their affiliation, the Chicago Tribune reported in 2004, after interviewing MAS founders. The Brotherhood, based in Egypt, is devoted to Israel’s destruction. The original Hamas charter acknowledges that it was created by the Brotherhood to be “of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion.”

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Jomana Qaddour in KU video about Sharia (Islamic Sacred Law)

The day after the 2019 anniversary of the 911 attacks, 9/12 she continues the info-jihad, not once mentioning Sharia or her affiliation with the MAS in this video, as she wants to present Syria Relief and Development, not MAS. Jomana speaks at several times throughout the video starting at the 47 minute mark. Ilhan Omar speaks with Jomana starting at 1:35:30

Jomana Qaddour pictured above with HAMAS and Hezbollah supporters Mahdi Bray and George Galloway in Overland Park, KS 2009.

I have to wonder as she lectures…. how much of the money she raised, equipment, or food gets into the hands of ISIS, AQ, and all the other jihadist groups?

Jomana’s father Dr. Jihad Qaddour is mentioned in the article below from 2007. You can read the entire article here, select excerpts are quoted below.

FBI says most terror activity in the United States is of ‘nonviolent’ type

Individuals involved in domestic and international terrorism not only have infiltrated American society, but also have initiated some of their activities in North Carolina, a top federal law-enforcement official in Charlotte and experts on radical Islam say.

Other groups with Islamic connections work diligently through various means to expand their civic and political clout and ultimately to influence state and national policy, an investigation by Carolina Journal shows.

The Muslim American Society — which has a chapter in Raleigh — is one of those organizations.

Most of the U.S. terrorists, rather than engaging in violence, raise money through various illegal activities to support their allies overseas, according to the FBI.

“One key point is that many times, individuals giving to apparently respectable charities are unaware that a portion of the monies they donate really go to terrorist organizations,” Resnick said.

FBI investigations have found terrorists working for Fortune 500 companies, small companies, and the government. Terrorists have attempted to gain employment with the U.S. intelligence, law-enforcement agencies, and the military, the FBI reports.

“Traditionally, terrorists find refuge in communities or organizations where they can blend in,” Resnick said. Such institutions could be places of worship, universities or schools, sporting events, or even grocery stores throughout the state.

Author Walid Phares, in his book Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America, wrote that Wahhabism has multiple strategies.

“The Wahhabi state logic was perhaps the most perfect one: Float with the world, release the teachings without violence, let the teachings plant the seeds, wait for their growth, irrigate them with money, and make sure to mollify any abrupt reaction from the other side. The rich oil state maximized its advantages to the highest: oil and religious proselytizing,” he wrote.

Phares wrote that the “Muslim Brothers,” as the Brotherhood was often called, created the model for modern-day jihadists, who aimed to spread at the grassroots level outside the control of government: “When weak, the network lies low and expands slowly. When strong, or when events favor it, the group accelerates its activity and pursues its goals mercilessly. … The ‘brothers’ are keen to inculcate deep ideological teaching before engaging in the political struggle — but when they do, they are ruthless. They are neither intimidated by oppression nor swayed by causes greater than theirs.”


In 1993 after contentious debate, leaders of the Brotherhood in the United States changed the group’s name to the Muslim American Society. A Chicago Tribuneseries of articles in 2004 headlined “A Rare Look at Secretive Brotherhood in America” offers a glimpse into the organization’s transformation:

“Some of the leaders wanted the Brotherhood to remain underground, while others thought a more public face would make the group more influential. Members from across the country drove to the regional meeting sites to discuss the issue.”

Muslim American Society

Dr. Souheil Ghannouchi, who spoke at the Raleigh chapter’s “The Missing Link” conference Nov. 18, was listed on the IRS return as executive director of the national chapter of MAS. Other members of the MAS board of directors were Dr. Imad Damaj, a trustee; Dr. Jihad Qaddour, trustee; and Dr. Esam Omeish, president. Omeish also was a speaker at the conference.

Kamal Nawash, president of the moderate Free Muslims Coalition in Washington, D.C., told Carolina Journal that even though MAS claims to be nonviolent, its objective is to mix politics and religion to spread Islamic influence across America by the most effective means. MAS “controls” most mosques in the United States and a majority of Muslims, he said.

According to the Chicago Tribune series, by 1990, U.S. Brotherhood members had made headway on a strategy “that reflected a longstanding belief: First you change the person, then the family, then the community, then the nation.” The Brotherhood did that “by helping establish many mosques and Islamic organizations. Some of those efforts were backed financially by the ultraconservative Saudi Arabian government, which shared some of the Brotherhood’s fundamentalist goals,” the Tribune reported.

The global War on Terror is an ideological struggle, not a military battle, Nawash said. “Political Islam’s goal is to pick up emotional issues and use them cleverly,” he said, and MAS is effective doing that. “If you want to know where they really stand, ask them [MAS] what they think of Hamas.”

The GIV logo (Ghazali Islamic Video) in the short video below was made by Hamed Ghazali who also has a long history as an Islamic Sharia subversive in Overland Park/Lawrence/Manhattan, Kansas. He is old school Muslim American Society leadership known by Jomana Qaddour, both are KU Muslim Student Association alumni.

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At the end of the day, I remain impressed at the work of Dr. Jihad Qaddour and his Muslim Brotherhood friends. They must be laughing at the kufar……

Why are we funding Muslim Brotherhood subversives?

Another Refugee scam run by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society is Mercy Without Limits….. ALSO based in Overland Park. KS – MWL is also made up of Muslim American Society leadership. Jomana Qaddour is family friends with the Albadawi family of Overland Park, KS. Duaa Albadawi had plans to marry and defended the jihadi who was convicted of trying to blow up Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Now she runs a Syrian Refugee Organization in Overland Park, KS….. what could possibly go wrong?

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Sahih Bukhari 4, 52, 86 “When you face them ( i.e. your enemy) – take your time.”