Kansas City Islamic School Student & HAMAS Supporter Mohamed Soltan Sues Egyptian Government

Posted on June 2, 2020



If you are from the Greater Kansas City area and don’t know the name Mohamed Soltan……. well, smh……. YOU BETTER START LEARNING HERE

Mohamed Soltan 1999 (second from the right) School Principal is Hamed Ghazali

September 22, 2018 from Creeping Sharia – excerpts below

New book sheds light on Barack Obama’s support for Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood


Or at least the article does, intentionally or not. Source: Barack Obama, ‘lackey’ of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

This book ultimately offers a rather unflattering portrait of a procrastinating President Obama, incapable of imposing his options on his own administration and a president who certainly did not himself regard democracy as a priority for US foreign policy. With serious consequences.

As Mohamad Soltan, an Egyptian-American member of the Brotherhood, jailed by the junta before being deported to the USA, explained to the author, “the one thing that everybody in the prison had in common – the IS guys, the Muslim Brotherhood guys, the liberals, the guards, the officers – is that they all hate America.”

The Obama administration claims they didn’t know anything about the Muslim Brotherhood prior to the spring of 2011. That’s a blatant lie. That Obama supporting the Brotherhood was a conspiracy is also a lie.  

As we reported throughout the Obama error, both Obama and Clinton (and Kerry) worked with the Muslim Brotherhood (starting with his first speech) and with Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood clearly has members in the United States.

The “lackey” in the Alaraby article title actually refers to Anne Paterson, Obama’s envoy to Egypt, whom many Egyptian people hate(d).

Watch the short video below to hear it from the horses mouth……..