U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Jihad Qaddour’s daughter on CNN – May 2021

Posted on June 1, 2021


Jomana Qaddour and Mohamed Soltan are political weapons of the Muslim Brotherhood raised in Kansas/Missouri and they are VERY impressive.

In April the MAATGroup in Egypt released a video that claimed Mohamed Soltan was the “Muslim Brotherhood Trojan horse in America”.

Mohamed Soltan’s childhood friend Jomana Qaddour is also a tool for the Muslim American Society aka Muslim Brotherhood and as seen below CNN has become their mouthpiece.

In a tweet from CNN’s Michael Holmes and shared by Mohamed Soltan the video interview of Jomana Qaddour is void of any mention of her father of her ties to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Jomana is the daughter of well known Hamas supporter and Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Jihad Qaddour a former board member at the Islamic Center of Kansas.

Governor Laura Kelly met with Mohamed Odah an associate with the Islamic Center of Kansas on her Inauguration Day and the theme was “Unity”.

Odah can be seen in a video from 2012 at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City saying “The Alawites of more dangerous to Islam than the Christians and Jews.”

Watch the videos below and see what CNN is not telling you about Jomana Qaddour and her team of subversives.