FLASHBACK: KU Professor Marwa Ghazali Gives Update on HAMAS Supporter Mohamed Soltan

Posted on February 25, 2019


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Don’t let Grandma get fooled by Muslim Brotherhood kids!

Meet Marwa Ghazali

What’s your Kansas story? Are you from here? How did you get here? How do you identify as a Kansan?

My parents came to the United States from Egypt in the late 1970s. My father received a scholarship to study at the University of Kansas in Lawrence where I was born. I grew up speaking Arabic and English interchangeably in a form I called “Arabish.” My mother, an engineer who left her home and career to support my father’s academic ambitions, worked hard to incorporate Egypt and its values into my Kansas upbringing. She decorated the house with ancient Egyptian and Arabic art, exposed me to Egyptian pop culture through music and film, and taught me to take pride in my hybrid identity. The voices of the most famous Egyptian artists often echoed through our home as she sang along and whipped up delicious Egyptian dishes in the kitchen. My father balanced this cultural identity with an emphasis on civic engagement and a strong American work ethic. As a Ph.D. and educator, he taught me to pursue knowledge through academic excellence and to value work that enables me to make meaningful and lasting contributions to my Kansas community. Their combined influences inspired me to complete a doctorate in anthropology as a second generation Jayhawk.

What’s your story? Yeah, and who’s your daddy? 

Let us see what Marwa left out of her KANSAS BIO, and meet her friend and her father!

As this post mentions, this is a FLASHBACK. Below is a story from 2013 where the above mentioned Marwa Ghazali gave a report on her Muslim Brotherhood HAMAS supporting friend Mohammed Soltan, who is a MEDIA darling these days, playing the victim…..  He was on 60 minutes recently, but the MIDWEST media have yet to mention he is from KC area. The CausingFitna blog has been telling the media FOR YEARS about the KC connection.

KCUR did report about Soltan, but not his local connections to to the area, and I laughed when I read the claim he had received life in prison for TWEETING!

U.S. Military Aid To Egypt Gives A ‘Green Light’ To Repression, Say Rights Advocates

AUG 8, 2018

Soltan himself was shot, arrested and sentenced to life in prison for tweeting at a demonstration in Cairo in 2013. His imprisonment was condemned by human rights groups and eventually — after a 489-day hunger strike — the Obama administration intervened to demand his release. Egypt ultimately succumbed to U.S. pressure: Soltan was freed in May 2015 after 22 months in prison and deported to the United States.

Mohammed Sultan Egypt revolt against Morsi

screen capture 7/1/2013

I took the above screen capture almost 6 years ago! See more from Soltan prior to his arrest here60 Minutes is a TOOL!

Marwa Ghazali has a brother named Ahmed Ghazali who went to Islamic school in Kansas City with Mohammed Soltan as seen below in a facebook comment.

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You will notice in Bio of Marwa Ghazal on the Humanities Kansas website Marwa’s father was mentioned but not named……… his name is Hamed Ghazali, and he makes videos for the Muslim Brotherhood in America, as well as starting Islamic Schools across the country for the Muslim Brotherhood. See for yourself below.

Her father was also the Principal at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City, and Mohamed Soltan was one of his students as seen in the photos below.


Imam Hamed Ghazali from the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS and KU Muslim Students Association MSA and Director of GIV Ghazali Islamic Video in Lawrence seen in video below promoting the Muslim Brotherhood ideology.

Hamed Ghazali

Hamed Ghazali is chairman of MAS’s Council on Islamic Schools. His work was mentioned explicitlyon page 12 of the Muslim Brotherhood’s 1991 Explanatory Memorandum as a key component of the MB’s dawah (outreach) efforts, and Ghazali was listed in the MB telephone directory introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008.

Ghazali’s speech at the 2010 ICNA-MAS convention was cited by the Anti-Defamation League as an example of anti-Semitic incitement, after he claimed “Allah gave us the Jews” as an example of those who “take the wrong path.”

Kansas: KU professor gives update on Muslim Brotherhod arrest

“Rock Chalk, Gee-haad.”

@CausingFitna shared this bit of Muslim Brotherhood support at the University of Kansas. The support is for Mohamed Soltan, arrested in Egypt during a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. Background in this post, Ohio State Univ Muslim Student Association President arrested in Egypt.

Childhood friend & Graduate Professor Marwa Ghazali brings up Mohamed’s situation to a packed audience during a “Report Back from Egypt” event at the University of Kansas. The event was hosted by KU’s Students for Justice in the Middle East.

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The KU professor is the daughter of one Hamed Ghazali. A little on his background:

During the Federal investigation of The Holy Land Foundation, a document was seized when a search warrant was executed on the home of a Muslim Brotherhood member in Virginia. This document outlined the official strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. The document, which is titled, “The Explanatory Memorandum of the North American Muslim Brotherhood” mentions on page 12 that “We have a seed for a “comprehensive Dawa’ educational” organization: We have the Daw’a section in ISNA + Dr. Jamal Badawi Foundation + the center run by brother Hamed al-Ghazali + the Dawa’ center the Dawa’ Committee and brother Shaker al-Sayyed are seeking to establish now + in addition to other Daw’a efforts here and there…”.

Dr. Hamed Ghazali‘s name also appears in the Muslim Brotherhood’s phone book which was another document that was seized by Federal agents and used in the Holy Land Foundation trial. This phone book is dated 1992 and contains names of the top tier of the North American Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

The daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked imam giving an update on a Muslim arrested in a Muslim Brotherhood crackdown.

As we’ve asked before, the Muslim Brotherhood tells us they are in the United States – is anyone listening?

Marwa Ghazali is into education just like her father, that should concern parents.

Another Professor at KU, Jeffrey Lange is also Muslim Brotherhood, he says so in the following video.

Do you think Marwa Ghazali travels around Kansas telling old people that her daddy is Muslim Brotherhood?

HELL No she don’t…….