Million Muslim March organizers court records and more……

September 10, 2013


The info below is all public record……. there is much more. You can look it up yourself on CaseNet in Missouri. Chris A. Hodge AKA Isa Hodge and MD Rabbi Alam. This is just a snippet of the organizers profiles that folks should be aware of before the march. If you are reading this, it […]

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The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City has Multiple Ties to Islamic Terror Orgs

May 20, 2015


In January of 2000, the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City posted a “Message from the President” to their website. The message was signed by ISGKC President Abdul Akram. Mr. Akram has ran for Political Office multiple times in Kansas City and Missouri. 2010 State Auditor Democratic Primary Election Results show he had nearly 30,000 votes A […]

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Jihad, Martyrdom, and the Non-believers – Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City

May 16, 2015


The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City at one time was publishing a Newsletter that was distributed to members and friends of ISGKC. We found several of these Newsletters online dating back to 1999 and would like to make them available here now. We will be quoting from the Newsletters relevant text, but the original […]

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CAIR Kansas Leader Moussa Elbayoumy Caught On Camera Throwing Muslim Brotherhood Gang Sign……

May 14, 2015


In August of 2013 at the JC Nichols Fountains in Kansas City, Muslims put on a rally in support of Egyptian “MARTYRS”. The rally was actually called “Tahrir Square KC”…………. Several pictures from the event give a person a good idea of what was going down. What this post will attempt to do is highlight […]

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Bosch Fawstin Refuses to Submit to Allah, But NIKE Hit Their Knees!

May 8, 2015


This all reminds me of the NIKE shoes that offended Muslims back in 1997. Pictured below the flames on the shoes resemble the Arabic word for Allah……. And of course Muslims had a tantrum…… NIKE ended up submitting to CAIR and even donated $50,000.00 to an Islamic Charity if my memory serves correctly. They also […]

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Texas Jihadists Funeral Happening at Kansas City Mosque Trying to BAN FREE SPEECH

May 6, 2015


This is all getting dumber by the minute…… KCTV5 is reporting that the funeral for one of the Garland, Texas jihadists will be held this Thursday at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. The text of the story does not mention the location, but a video report does mention the Islamic Society of Greater […]

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FBI Attempt to De-Radicalize Kansas Jihadist Fails – Now What?

April 18, 2015


A Kansas Muslim leader is claiming he was assigned by the FBI to try and de-radicalize the man who recentlly tried to bomb Fort Riley for Allah. The video from KSNT News can be seen below along with footage of Topeka Imam Omar Hazim at a Pro-Sharia press conference. There is much more to this […]

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The Curious Case of Kansas, Azerbaijan, and the Turkish Connection

April 14, 2015


Originally posted on Defining the Narrative:
Not long ago I wrote a post that included a few paragraphs about the Armenian Genocide  of 1914-15 in which about 1.5 million Armenian Christians were slaughtered, along with 1 million Greek and 300K Syriac Christians, by Turkish and Ottoman Kurdish forces.  By 1923, most of the survivors had…

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