Texas: Muslim arrested, hired hit man to kill Houston police officer

July 2, 2018



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Missouri: Muslim woman gets 9 years; used Twitter to solicit jihad against ex-military and their families

June 11, 2018


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Prominent Michigan Doctor promotes Radical Muslim Brotherhood ideology

April 3, 2018


Dr. Jawad Shah is a prominent Michigan Doctor with an alarming message for Muslim youth. The video below is from the ISNA Islamic Society of North America 1992 Conference in Kansas City. The GIV logo seen at the bottom right of the video is Ghazali Islamic Video of Lawrence, KS. GIV is run by Hamed Ghazali, […]

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Grandfather of Bashar Al-Assad – Sunni Muslims believe we are Infidels 1926

March 29, 2018


Let us go back to 1926, two years prior to the formation of the Muslim Brotherhood, formed 1928 by Hassan Al-Banna. Please read the article below, coupled with an earlier post from March 26, regarding the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, it is beyond enlightening. Source Syria Direct Suleiman Assad’s 1926 memo denounces Sunni ‘hatred, […]

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1992 Kansas City ISNA Convention promotes Muslim Brotherhood (VIDEO)

March 21, 2018


After watching the 1992 ISNA Islamic Society of North America convention video above from Kansas City, I read the following article. from Dr. Andrew Bostom. This is an eye opening combination for anyone who is wanting to learn more about the Muslim Brotherhood. Robin Fedden’s Syria: An Historical Appreciation (London, 1947, pp.221-222) captured the combined effects of  the […]

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Former CAIR Missouri Communications Director “We are at the gates of Al-Malhama”

March 20, 2018


More than a year has passed since I noticed some interesting posts online regarding Sayyid Qutb made by Meraj Sirajuddin. At first I did not know who Meraj was, I just noticed a convert to Islam, Brother Casey who works at the Islamic Center of Kansas reposting his material. To my shock I was reading […]

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Khalid Yasin – Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS

March 18, 2018


Recently a story about a Lawrence, KS man who was detained by ICE went viral on the internet. A petition was referenced by several news orgs including CNN as screen captured below. The petition has been changed, and the words regarding the Islamic Center of Lawrence have been removed. So it seems, yes you can […]

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