New Jersey: The terrorist pizza place next door

January 25, 2018


Originally posted on Creeping Sharia:
Source: The Pizza Jihad | Frontpage Mag Daniel Greenfield The New Jersey pizza place that may be the closest link to an ISIS leader doesn’t look like much. There are red café umbrellas out front and its menu offers the usual tangled multicultural fast food mess of Italian, Mexican, Chinese…

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KSHB41 is Fake News Working for Allah

February 2, 2017


Hey KSHB, did you bother visiting the facebook page of Usama Belhaj from UMKC? These idiots claiming to be the press are morons…. the story KSHB put out can be found here. Take not disbelievers as friends? HMMM Saddam Hussein is a martyr? Hmmmm Read the recent posts from his facebook, there appears to be […]

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KC Public Schools Submit to Islamic Supremacy 2016

October 2, 2016


A formal declaration of dhimmitude on the part of KC Public Schools…… see the origibal text from KCPS website here. The non-Muslim (kuffar) community must understand that Islam is superior. An example of this seen in the video below of a New York based Egyptian activist. Below are the rules prescribed by Allah for those […]

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American Muslim Council – Heartland Chapter

April 1, 2016


The contact person for the event above recently made an appearance on KCPT…. No mention of the AMC American Muslim Council affiliation is brought up during the discussion. In the panel discussion, at 42 minutes into the video, the AMC leader bragged about having a police ID as they advise the local police….. YIKES! Alamoudi […]

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Jihad Journalist Sara Jawhari BLOWS Smoke Up KC’s Ass

March 18, 2016


On March 7th of 2016 KSHB 41 aired a story featuring Sara Jawhari, a Muslim immigrant living in Kansas City who lives to help others…. she gave them the sweetest story a person could ever hear…. Let’s see what the professional media missed. The screen capture above from the facebook page of KSHB 41 is […]

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Video: Dr. Hussein Morsi Debates at Islamic Society of Kansas City 1991

February 29, 2016


Dr. Hussein Morsi, brother of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi holds up the Bible while vigorously defending Islam in the photo above. The debate took place in 1991 and is quite good….. I would just like to point out, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD was hard at work in 1991 in Kansas City. See the video here! […]

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KC Muslim Brotherhood and the Refugees

January 30, 2016


  This post will feature a story from KCUR. The screen capture above from the KCUR website gives names, and mentions a “REFUGEE CRISIS”. What the story does not mention is Mohamad Albadawi is a long time leader of multiple Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations. Albadawi was Convention Chairman for the 1993 MAYA Convention in Detroit […]

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