Turkish Jihadist Who Attacked Netherlands Shares Views on Women With New Kansas City Mosque

Posted on March 19, 2019


“western whores provoke jihad”

In the video above from 2011 the Turkish Muslim who recently shared in jihad in the Dutch city of Utrecht is seen slut shaming. I had seen this video previously, even using some of the footage in a video I made after listening to an online sermon from a NEW Mosque in Kansas City, Missouri.

See the video below, the Turkish jihadi clip is at 5:26

The BBC reported March 19,2019

Turkish-born suspect Gokmen Tanis was detained on Monday evening.

Neighbours had earlier described the suspected gunman as a “loser” and a petty criminal rather than a terrorist.

Dutch justice officials confirmed on Tuesday that he had been released from custody recently in a rape case, which was due to go to court in July. He was freed after promising to co-operate with authorities.

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Western whores who don’t dress properly are asking for it? They should wear protection. It is called the hijab 🧕🏻 previous post here.