Sharia Teacher at Islamic Center of Kansas – Mohamad Albadawi on TSA Watchlist

Posted on December 28, 2019


The Islamic Center of Kansas is building a new Islamic Center in Overland Park, KS including an Islamic School.

Most Americans are not very familiar with Sharia (Islamic Sacred Law) and even fewer will recognize the word FIQH. Islam obligates Muslims to conceal this part of Islam from the non-Muslims. See the details in the link below, must know information.

Laws Governing False Statements in Islam – “Permissible Lying”

Watch the short video below from a Kansas City ISNA Islamic Society of North America Conference where before a Muslim audience a Muslim Professor suggests packaging Islam for the west……. aka LYING. The GIV logo in the bottom right of the video represents Ghazali Islamic Video. GIV has been based in both Lawrence and Overland Park, KS in the past and is run by MAS Muslim American Society leader Hamed Ghazali.

In 2017 I tweeted to Mohamad Albadawi about taking FIQH classes. The Yahoo Group posting showed Mohamad Albadawi had previously taught the Jurisprudence of Worship at the Islamic Center of Kansas.

Fiqh, Muslim jurisprudence—i.e., the science of ascertaining the precise terms of the Shariah, or Islamic law. Shariah is considered to be divine and immutable, fiqh, the human effort to know the Shariah, is imperfect and changeable.

Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 11.25.22 AM
Mohamad Albadawi with the youth, at MAS-ICNA 12th Annual Convention

In 2007 Albadawi was teaching about FIQH and fasting. You can see the entire document from the public online yahoo group from Overland Park Kansas.

Dear Brothers ans Sister bellow some question and answer of
Fiqh Alsyam
(Fasting Ramadan)
and two more articles will follow
Mohamad Albadawi
1.. Can one use a tampon whilst fasting?
  A. A menstruating woman
 cannot fast even if she uses a tampon.
 However if
she uses a tampon for bleeding or discharges other than her
blood then the answer is as mentioned.
  In Ad‐Durrul Mukhtar and Tahtaawi alaa Maraaqil Falaah, the


mentioned that if cotton is inserted in the female private
part, the
will be nullified if the cotton is totally out of sight. If a
piece of
cotton remains slightly out, even if it be in the Farje‐
Khaarij (outer
vagina) the fast will be intact. We therefore conclude that
the fast


not break in the case where the tampon is not totally
inserted but
 could be
seen from outside.
  2. Is it okay to use toothpaste or toothpowder whilst
 A. It is reprehensible to do so

Muslim American Society leader Mohamad Albadawi is on the TSA Watchlist and has a history of inviting HAMAS supporters, jihadists, and hate preachers to America unchallenged for DECADES. CAUSINGFITNA posted August 14, 2018 when Albadawi disclosed he was on the TSA watchlist at a CAIR press conference. Albadawi and I also had a twitter exchange that ended with Albadawi blocking me on twitter. See the previous post here.

Expanding on the idea that women cannot fast during menstruation is even more shocking to know that Prophet Mohamed used this as a reason to point out the deficiency in women. Watch below as David Wood details more on the topic.

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