New York Islamic Org says to Kill those who INSULT Mohamed

Posted on November 25, 2020


h/t @creepingsharia NOVEMBER 24, 2020 New York City Islamic foundation’s Arabic-language website calls for the killing of those who insult Muhammad

The Shi’ite Al-Khoei Foundation describes itself this way: “Headquartered in Jamaica, N.Y., Imam Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation is an international, religious, charitable institution established in 1989. The center conducts various religious programs in different languages, including Arabic, Urdu, Persian and English. It has a well-stocked reference and lending library, a conference room, a prayer hall and a funeral bath facility.”

On an Arabic-language page, it calls for the killing of those who insult Muhammad. This page is and the English page is, but if you click on “English” on the Arabic page, it takes you to It’s the same organization.

“Ninth: Insulting the Prophet (may Allah bless him and his family),” translated from “التاسع : سبّ النبيّ (صلّى الله عليه وآله)”

(Issue 214): Whoever insults the Prophet (may Allah’s prayers be upon him and his family) must be killed on his hearing as long as he does not fear harm to himself, his honor or his property and the like (1), and insulting the imams (peace be upon them) and insulting Fatima al-Zahra (peace be upon her) should be attached to him. (2).


(1) As for the necessity to kill him – in addition to the fact that there is no dispute concerning it, but there is unanimity on it in two aspects – there are several narrations:

Including: Sahih Hisham bin Salem on the authority of Abu Abdullah (peace be upon him): He was asked about the one who insulted the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family and peace) “So he (peace be upon him) said: The lower authorities shall kill him before he is brought to the imam.” (1)….

The permissibility of killing him does not require permission from the legitimate ruler (1)….


The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City petitioned President Obama in 2012 to ban free speech as the video below shows.

ISKGC warned that not restricting free speech will lead to violence.

One week prior to ISGKC petitioning POTUS to ban free speech, Obama was on the Letterman Show lying his ass off…..

Islam is a bad idea, like Communism is a bad idea…….. don’t do it.

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