Mustafa Hussein: Kansas City Al-Qaeda Financier Showed No Signs of Extremism

Posted on May 13, 2019


Mustafa Hussein with the ISGKC Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City told a reporter in 2010 that a Al-Qaeda financier who attended ISGKC showed no signs of extremism…… Yet Mustafa Hussein himself is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, an organization that is currently banned in numerous countries as a terror org. President Trump is currently moving to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization.

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Fox News May 19, 2010 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Kansas City auto parts dealer who had sworn allegiance to al-Qaida pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking part in a conspiracy to provide financial support to the terrorist group.

Mustafa Hussein, director of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, said Ouazzani’s wife came to the center after her husband was arrested in February and asked if the center could help him. Hussein told her that if the charges were politically motivated, there are organizations that could help, but “if he’s guilty, there’s nothing we can do.”

“She was crying, very upset,” Hussein said. “She did not come back to talk about it.”

Hussein, who acknowledged that he knew Ouazzani only through brief encounters at the center or mosque, said Ouazzani seemed like a normal family man and didn’t show any signs of extremism.

Mustafa Hussein seen in the photo above throwing the Muslim Brotherhood 4 finger salute (A SIGN OF EXTREMISM) is also affiliated with the Muslim American Society. MAS is one of several Muslim Brotherhood front organizations operating in the USA.

MAS is also currently planning a new school/Mosque in Overland Park, KS.