Shawnee Mission Post Exposed – Refusing to Report Anti-Semite HAMAS Supporter Linda Sarsour Fundraising in Overland Park, KS

Posted on January 12, 2020


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Congrats to the Shawnee Mission Post, you are the topic of our 100th Blog Post at the CausingFitna blog! You win a free oven mitt. We are celebrating 10 years of correcting the record here at CausingFitna, thank you for allowing us to tell these stories! We could not do this without a steady supply of FAKE NEWS……

Founded in 2010, the Shawnee Mission Post is the only news source wholly dedicated to northern Johnson County. With coverage of local government, schools and business Monday through Friday, it’s become the most-turned-to source for people who want to know what’s happening in our community.


CausingFitna alerted the Shawnee Mission Post to the fact that world famous Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour would be fundraising in Overland Park, KS 12 days in advance. Posting a complete historical explanation with ample evidence of HAMAS fundraising and HAMAS supporters gathering in Overland Park, KS going back to 2009.

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Our December 13, 2019 post also contains the following excerpts and tweet to the Shawnee Mission Post where we had a count down for 12 days, waiting for Linda Sarsour to visit a Overland Park, KS Islamic Center and School fundraiser.  The new Islamic Center is being planned by the Muslim American Society aka Muslim Brotherhood USA.

The real story here is not the anti-Semite HAMAS supporters like Linda Sarsour and the MAS-KC leaders. The real story is the Sharia supremacy that has paralyzed the media with Political Correctness AKA “tyranny with manners”. You can name every familiar news org in the Midwest, and I can assure you they won’t say a word……. Silence from KCUR, KSNT, KSHB, WIBW, KMBC, KSNT, KC Star, LJWorld, and the Shawnee Mission Post as seen in the tweet below.

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See our first post from December 13, 2019 where we posted “LOCAL NEWS YOU WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE” detailing Linda Sarsour and her Kansas HAMAS network at the this link.

Shawnee Mission Post is not the first Kansas City media outlet CausingFitna has exposed as SJWFN, Social Justice Warrior Fake News.

The Shawnee Mission Post’s Jay Senter was Editor of Shawnee Mission East High School publication “The Harbinger” as a high school student. Another former SME student writer for the Harbinger is Will Brownlee. Will converted to Islam while still in High School and posts pictures of Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki along with his rap songs that sound very reminiscent of a Osama Bin-Laden speech. Will Brownlee, another young mind at Shawnee Mission East that turned to mush. See the details and video of Will Brownlee’s Rap song where he says he is a soon to be “Islamic Militant with the mind of a dissident” at our previous post here.

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