Missouri: Presbyterian Church USA Rejects Resolution to Condemn Terrorist HAMAS; Activist Gets Death Threat

Posted on July 16, 2018


Source – creepingsharia https://creepingsharia.wordpress.com/2018/07/15/presbyterian-church-usa-supports-hamas/

Palestinian human-rights activist who attended a recent Presbyterian Church USA meeting says the denomination is more extreme than Middle East extremists, and its tolerance apparently now extends to death threats against those whose opinion differs.

The report about Bassem Eid’s comments comes from Breaking Israel News.

Eid attended the PCUSA General Assembly in St. Louis, Missouri, to argue on behalf of a resolution “that sought to condemn Hamas for militarizing the Palestinian children in the Gaza strip.”

The resolution was rejected.

“These Presbyterians were more extremist than many extremists of the Middle East – they are completely disconnected from reality,” Eid said.

But worse, the report explained, was a death threat that came when another Palestinian man at the conference yelled: “I know who you are. I’m going to kill you.”

Eid said in the report he ignored the threat, but the man followed him and “again said in Arabic that he will kill me and that I am a traitor and a Zionist collaborator.”

That term, he noted, “is an accusations that Hamas has used to justify executing people.”

A WND call to the PCUSA requesting comment did not generate a response.

HAMAS operates openly in the Greater Kansas City area. Many supporters of HAMAS have positions of influence in government affairs, as Islam is a religion and a STATE……

The girl pictured below was attending a HAMAS affiliated rally in Kansas City near the JC Nichols fountains while the media watched….. she is wearing a HAMAS shirt.

Anyone know her name?

The photo below, believe it or not is from Bartle Hall 1989, a HAMAS member in KC bragging about a bus operation conducted by HAMAS where a jihadist grabbed the steering wheel and drove a bus off a cliff…… Americans and Israelis were killed.


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