VIDEO: KCMO Muslim Police Chaplain and Siraj Wahaj 1990

Posted on February 11, 2018


Imam Bilal Muhammad attended a lecture by New York Imam Siraj Wahaj at the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City in 1990. The video carries the logo GIV at the bottom right of the video. The GIV is an abbreviation for Ghazali Islamic Video which is Hamed Ghazali. Mr. Ghazali has held leadership roles in the MSA Muslim Students Association of KU and the President of the Central Zone of the MSA. He has been Vice President of ISNA Islamic Society of North America. He also travels the USA educating Muslims and starting Islamic Schools. This and many other things that I am leaving out are very troubling within the context that the KCMO Muslim Police Chaplain took part in the discussion.

Left to Right: Imam Bilal Muhammad, Imam Yahya Furqan, and Ahmed El-Sherif.

Kansas City has a problem, and it will get worse as the media ignore it 100% and often promote this foolishness.

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So let us ask this question, “Does Imam Bilal Muhammad believe as Siraj Wahaj, that Muslims should get involved in politics without assimilation? Furthermore, does he agree that politics is not a substitute for Jihad?

Imam Bilal Muhammad also made a comment in agreement with Siraj Wahaj concerning Dawah (inviting to Islam) when he state “I agree the time is ripe for Dawah.” Infact the entire lecture is titled “The Call of Islam in America”. So when you watch the video keep that in mind. The purpose of getting involved in all of this, be it politics or anything, is to get converts to Islam.

Update 8/19/18

In case you are unaware, Imam Siraj Wahhaj is the father of the New Mexico Jihad compound leader, Siraj Wahhaj JR….

In the opinion of CausingFitna, Siraj Sr has been telling young Muslims this same anti-assimilation pro-Sharia garbage for years. The picture below shows Siraj Sr in the ICJC in Overland Park, KS. 🤦‍♂️

The local KC media won’t/can’t tell you this…. PC has infected the entire system.

Here is another example of the KC Media ignoring the Muslim Brotherhood in Kansas City in the past week.

The two men pointed out above are from Kansas, and they are complaining about being on a watchlist. See what they are not telling you here.

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