Jihad Journalist Sara Jawhari BLOWS Smoke Up KC’s Ass

Posted on March 18, 2016


On March 7th of 2016 KSHB 41 aired a story featuring Sara Jawhari, a Muslim immigrant living in Kansas City who lives to help others…. she gave them the sweetest story a person could ever hear…. Let’s see what the professional media missed.


The screen capture above from the facebook page of KSHB 41 is all a person needs to see to know that if you go and watch the story, you are going to get a nice puff piece on Islam…. it borders on Islamophilia….

Now if you bothered watching the video aired by KSHB 41 you might be feeling all warm and fuzzy…. well, if you watch the next video, from the Kansas City Trump rally on March 13th, you are going to see the little lady Sara Jawhari engage police using tactics she likely learned while travelling to GAZA on a HAMAS support convoy….. brace yourself, the sweet little girl in the video above is about to go all out jihad…..


The picture above is from the Trump rally in Kansas City, that took place less than a week after the story aired by KSHB. See the video of Sara Jawhari lead an organized effort to take the streets from Police in an attempt to silence Donald Trump by shutting down his rally.

Sara also has taken part in convoys aiding HAMAS with another Kansas City Muslim named Mohamed El-Housiny.


On this convoy they engaged Egyptian Police, even taking police captive. You can see the video of this here. You can read about Sara Jawhari and Mohammed El-Housiny’s HAMAS interactions here.

HAMAS is a terrorist organization, and Sara Jawhari is a jihad journalist in the opinion here at causing fitna…..

Sara Jawhari and Mohammed El-Housiny are both products of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, a mosque with multiple Muslim Brotherhood affiliations.ISGKC also has petitioned the government to ban “free speech” that may offend Muslims, you can see that video here, also from KSHB.

Have you ever seen so much BULLSHIT?

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari and Chiefs Player at ISGKC-1

It is a bit of a disappointment to see KC Chief Husain Abdullah hanging out at a HAMAS Mosque…..

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