Kansas City: Somali Muslim Immigrant Investigated for Terrorism Sentenced for Passport Fraud

Posted on January 31, 2018


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Kansas City: Somali Muslim Immigrant Investigated for Terrorism, Sentenced for Passport Fraud

Source: Man Investigated for Terrorism Sentenced for Passport Fraud – NBC Chicago

Federal prosecutors say a 22-year-old Kansas City man who was investigated for possible terrorism was sentenced for four years in prison for passport fraud.

Isse Aweis Mohamud, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Somalia, was sentenced Friday for lying on his passport application.

The FBI began investigating Mohamud in April 2017 after his family in Kansas City reported him missing and said they were worried he had gone overseas to take part in jihadi.

Egyptian authorities detained Mohamud before voluntarily returning him to the United States.

Mohamud said on his passport application that he planned to visit Canada, which he admitted was a lie.

Prosecutors said in the plea agreement that they found no direct evidence of terrorism activity by Mohamud.

That’s not what his own family were saying when they reported him to police. via Somali Muslim immigrant arrested, held for suspected jihad activities

The FBI began investigating Isse Aweis Mohamud on April 25 after his family reported him missing, according to federal prosecutors.

Those family members told the FBI they were concerned that he had gone overseas to “engage in jihadist activities,” a prosecutor said during a court appearance for Mohamud.

When Mohamud’s family realized he had left, they reported to Kansas City police that he was missing. Police contacted the FBI after the family expressed concerns about why he left, Raskin said in court.

“They were concerned that he’d traveled to Iraq to fight with the fighters and to engage in terrorist activities,” the FBI counterterrorism agent testified in court.

Relatives said that in recent months, Mohamud had cordoned off an area in the family’s home, and behind a locked door, he was heard conversing with unknown people.

He had also “wiped clean” his internet history on several electronic devices, family members told the FBI. He left behind a letter that his mother read and later told FBI agents about while under interrogation.

Agents interviewed the cab driver who took Mohamud to the airport. He told the driver that he was going to Egypt for three months. The driver thought that it was odd because he only had a small backpack with him.

A travel agent told FBI agents that Mohamud was acting suspiciously and the government should consider revoking his passport.

A Kansas City resident told agents that Mohamud had tried to convert him and called Mohamud “the most radical Muslim he has ever met,” the FBI special agent testified in court.

The agent said he did not know why Egyptian authorities had detained Mohamud, but Mohamud was questioned by the FBI on May 1 in Cairo.

He allegedly told the FBI that he had traveled there to meet “the strangers.”

The agent testified that the term “strangers” is sometimes used to describe people who travel from other countries to fight with the Islamic State.

He said that investigators had found a 2014 conversation on a Facebook account they think is linked to Mohamud.

In that conversation, he allegedly said he wanted to travel to Syria to join the Syrian Mujaheddin and wanted to be a sniper, the agent said.

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