American Muslim Council – Heartland Chapter

Posted on April 1, 2016



2002 Kansas City Star advertising American Muslim Council event

The contact person for the event above recently made an appearance on KCPT…. No mention of the AMC American Muslim Council affiliation is brought up during the discussion.


In the panel discussion, at 42 minutes into the video, the AMC leader bragged about having a police ID as they advise the local police….. YIKES!

Alamoudi would be proud that the work of AMC is being carried on in such a fine manner……. read why here.

In the video below you will see Senator Arlen Spector in 2001, months before 911 remark about the troubling statements of Alamoudi. Just a few months later Mahnaz Shabbir is bringing that same AMC NATIONAL to Kansas City…… scroll to 8 minute mark, and listen carefully.

The following article is also from 2002, and the headline says it all.





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