Free Class: Learning About Allah with Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins

Posted on February 22, 2018


This is a continuation of a free class created for a Kansas kafir Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins. In recent days she has made some rather uninformed decisions that could unknowingly put the majority kafir community (kufar) at risk.

Let’s learn about Allah and Sharia! Class time is 1.5 hrs, and it moves fast. You won’t learn this in a PC environment.

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The hijab is a tool of dawah. Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins on the right, dressed in (inappropriate) western clothing. 2017 Congressional Art Winner 1st Place: Red, White, and Blue Washburn Rural High School

In 1993 at the ISNA Islamic Society of North America Conference in Kansas City, Muslim leaders called for aggressive dawah (inviting to Islam). Mazen Hashem, Professor in the Sociology department at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA told Muslim attendees to address America with a “Civilizational Message”. Mazen warned attendees about addressing non-Muslims, “don’t go into details about Sharia and Figh, definitely not our penal system, or punishment for adultery, or theft”. Packaging Islam for a western host society, using “gradualism to slowly introduce Islam” and Shariah (Islamic Law).

Dr. Ilyas BaYunus, a pioneer of Islamic work in North America and distinguished professor of Sociology at the State University of New York at Cortland, NY until 2003 when he retired, warned against labelling the non-Muslims as kufar before you give them dawah. “The kafir is the one who listens to your message, and rejects your dawah out of arrogance.” Watch the video below.

After watching the video above, “packaging Islam” comes into context seeing a more recent video of Hamza Yusuf, co-founder of Zaytuna College.

Taken in context of “packaging” it would appear Hamza is now a Teddy bear.

Another ISNA Convention in 1992 promoted the Muslim Brotherhood leaders Sayyid Qutb and Hassan Albanna to the Muslim youth. Telling the Muslim youth to start preparing, including weapons and military strength. Once again we would encourage Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins to note the videos marked GIV reference Ghazali Islamic Video of Lawrence, KS.

Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins is on her way out, but she could still inform herself, and correct herself. She should not encourage Sharia. Nor should she put her head in the sand as she is doing now. Yes, this post singles her out, but there are many more ignorant kufar that need help, so do your part, and inform your kafir friends.

Reverse Dawah, invite your Muslim friends to leave Islam, but do so secretly. The penalty according to “Sharia and Figh” for leaving Islam is death, as noted in a video of KU Professor Jeffrey Lang, below.

Here again in a video KU Professor Jeffrey Lang tells some truths in a short video clip. You should take notes Lynn, these videos will likely be shut down by Islamo-fascists who do not want you to talk about “Sharia and Figh”.

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, In one of the videos above, Jeffrey Lang basically said he went from group to group of Islamic Supremacist groups including the MSA Muslim Students Association, Muslim Brotherhood, and Tablighi Jamaat aka THE ARMY of DARKNESS.

Philip Haney, a founding member of the DHS and Whistleblower explains the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood and Tablighi Jamaat in the video below.

Another video that highlights Tablighi Jamaat members from London’s 7/7 bombings can be seen here.

Dr. Jihad Qaddour from Overland Park, KS is a very hard worker for Islam on an international level. Seen in the video below in Sioux Falls, SD encouraging the concersion of 100,000 non-Muslims to Islam and building Mosque on every corner…….

And so, we end with a picture of a nice pretty woman in hijab at a protest in Kansas City. Congresswoman Jenkins, would you have recognized the flag on her shirt? She is walking down the streets of Kansas City, surrounded by media. The media did not notice likely because they were/are ignorant. Some may have noticed and chose to remain silent as the media has been infiltrated by HAMAS supporters and apologists. But you know Congresswoman Jenkins, because I told you.

The previous class and video, for those that missed it, focused on Allah in agriculture. See it here, Who knew Allah was a farmer? Next weeks class? Well, let’s wait a few days, and let folks reflect on what they have learned.

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Hamed Ghazali poses for a picture in a room full of kids as teachers watch over them

Hamed Ghazali, former Imam of the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS has a massive resume, and the very last thing he actually listed in his resume was the following.

  • 1990 Had the honor of being a special companion of Dr. Yousuf Al-Qaradawi for 4 days during his stay in the United States. This gave me an opportunity to discuss with him one-one different aspects related to my interest in the area of the Holy Quran and other areas.

Yusuf Qaradawi is not a person you list in your resume, unless you kicked his ass……

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