Kansas: Mohamad Albadawi – A Muslim Brotherhood Success Story in America

Posted on February 16, 2015


Kansas Businessman Mohamad Albadawi (right) with George Galloway (in black) pictured below – Overland Park

Mohamed Albadawi with George Galloway

How many organizations does a person need? Well, apparently one is not nearly enough…….

I have no idea how many organizations actually exist in Kansas that are run by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated (MAS) Muslim American Society. However, I know there are more than an “honest” person really needs!

Lets start with Mohamad Al-Badawi, the official head of the Kansas branch of the (MAS) Muslim American Society.

An online search reveals Mr. Albadawi is the “registered agent” for 5 non-profit orgs created within days of one another? Who in the hell needs 5 non-profits in this time span? My hunch is a sneaky little jihadist, but that is my biased opinion, you can judge for yourself as your read.

M Albadawi nonprofit orgs 1

M Albadawi nonprofit orgs 2

Now, I may be way off base, but why would all of this be required? What is the point of this? I am open to suggestions if anyone would care to enlighten me. I have my own opinion on why so many orgs are needed, but that will be made clear to readers in good time. For now lets continue to see how many other orgs. and groups Mr. Albadawi is affiliated with…… Oh, yes, there are more!

M Albadawi registered agent with ISGKCAs seen above Mr. Albadawi is also the registered agent for the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. It should also be noted that Albadawi also ran the old website for the School going back to 1999 when it was ISGKC.net.

Mr. Albadawi served on the Board of Directors for the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City from 1995-2004

M Albadawi ISGKC net WHOIS lookup registered agent

Mohamad Albadawi was also the Convention Chairman of the 1993 (MAYA) Muslim Arab Youth Association Convention in Detroit. He is quoted in The Argus-Press as saying “Muslims parents were worried about their children becoming OVER-AMERICANIZED, losing their Arabic language, and the culture of their homeland.

Show me the MONEY

Mohamed Albadawi one million dollarsA facebook post by Mohannad Albadawi, the son of Mohamad Albadawi claims they raised 1.3 MILLION Dollars at a Kentucky fundraiser. Mohamad Albadawi also commented that only 100 people attended the event…….

Video from July 2014 in Kansas City showing Mohamad Albadawi and other ISGKC/MAS leaders protesting at the Plaza Fountains. Mohamad admits on camera that he likes Sayyid Qutb, Abdullah Azzam, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Hasan Al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood)………

Before you watch the short video exchange below,  just a short bio on each of the four names referenced in the video.

Nice to see the older Muslim men putting off the PEACE vibe and setting examples for the youth. So approachable!

Feb. 2015 post to facebook shows Mr. Albadawi has some very hateful feelings toward white dudes..... eeks Feb. 2015 post to facebook

I could go into detail about several of those you see listed in his friends list above from his FACEBOOK PAGE, but lets just pick Ahmed Shehata. He is one of 30 Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in America named by El-Watan Newspaper of Egypt. Not to mention he was at the MAS-KC fundraiser at the Marriot in Overland Park, KS with Mr. Albadawi seen in the picture below with a fat stack of CASH!

Mohamad Albdawi speaking to Ahmed Shahata at 2009 MAS conference at Overland Park Kansas Marriot Mohamad Albdawi speaking to Ahmed Shahata at 2009 MAS conference at Overland Park Kansas Marriot
$65,385.00 not a bad night eah? $65,385.00 – Salah Sarsour (Center) HUSBAND of Linda Sarsour.

Many of Mr. Albadawi’s facebook posts are in Arabic and have to be translated. An Arabic speaker may be able to enlighten the public further regarding some of the posts, as translations sometimes come out incomplete.

Now, I find it to be quite impressive to note that Mr. Albadawi is also a Home Builder in the Overland Park, KS area. AZ Custom Homes inc. There is a company website however the About Page does not list a single company employee. As seen below the company is Delinquent in the filing status, but that is normal…… There is so much red tape BS it is easy to overlook! Eventually he will be informed by someone with the Gov. who wants money, and the company will be brought back into standing. Minor issue.

M Albadawi AZ Custom Homes

Actually, being in the construction business myself, I have seen the homes Mr. Albadawi builds and they look quite nice.

M Albadawi has 9 domain names affiliated with email

As seen above there are 9 websites connected to Mohamad’s (MAS) Muslim American Society email address, not to mention all his other pages on facebook, youtube, and other social networking sites. I have not gone through all the sites as of now, and some are not available.

To bring this post to a close lets take a look at a former student of the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. His name is Mohammed Soltan, shown in a picture below at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. He is easy to spot, the chubby kid with the big smile on the right.

Mohammed Soltan is seen on the right in the back row with a big smile. Mohannad Albadawi is seated in front of him. Mohannad as noted earlier in the story is the son of Mohamad Albadawi. Mohannad Albadawi posts picture of his childhood friend to facebook. Mohammed Soltan’s father Salah Soltan was deported from the US, and is currently in prison also in Egypt.

When you go thru the Honor Roll list of the past students from the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City something becomes aparent. Many kids coming out of this school are going overseas and engaging in Islamist activities. Multiple students including Soltan have joined George Galloway in activities that in my opinion are nothing more than aiding HAMAS. A group that uses kids as body armor. What is even funnier is that in a couple weeks ISGKC will be hosting a Candidates Forum for City Council, and politicians will show up pandering for votes like the bottom feeders they are. In reality they should be demanding to know what the hell they are doing to these kids.

Now just one more to put the cherry on top. Knowing that Mohamad Albadawi leads the KC Chapter of MAS, it should be pointed out that the US Gov had contracts with MAS contracted out of Leavenworth for $24,000.00 between 2006 and 2009 as pointed out by Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project.

That is all for now, just some ranting about the jihadists that think they are clever…… My opinion is not that they are clever at all, more that Americans are lazy, uninterested, and much like sheep ready for slaughter. In other words, morons who may as well enroll their kids in Hamed’s school of Islamic BS. Now don’t get offended by that please, obviously if you are reading this I am not speaking about you…. If you are still here reading you are either very informed, or an Islamist ready to pop at the thought of a dirty filthy kaffir who dare defy Allah…….

Note, George Galloway was pictured with Mohamad Albadawi at the beginning of this post…… WATCH

Jomana Qaddour pictured to the far right with George Galloway at the Muslim American Society event at the Marriot. Jomana Qaddour pictured to the far right with George Galloway at the Muslim American Society event at the Marriot.

Jomana Qaddour profile from Syria Relief and Development

Jomana Qaddour is co-founder of Syria Relief and Development. Recently she complained about the IRS holding up their 501c3 status, comparing it to the Tea Party bungle. See the story from The Hill HERE. Her father Jihad Qaddour is pictured below at a Kansas City rally/protest where they give the four finger Muslim Brotherhood salute.

Arrows indicate Jihad Qaddour and Mohamad Albadawi picture posted by MAS KC Arrows indicate Jihad Qaddour and Mohamad Albadawi picture posted by MAS KC

Jihad - Jomana Qaddour 2006 MSA and MAS leader

UPDATE: From the comment section a reader suggests that perhaps more 501c3 orgs so more donations can go to political campaigns? I guess this could be the case, however it instantly reminded me that I forgot to mention that Mohammad Albadawi has donated money to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison……. as the photo below points out!

M Albadawi donates 1000 to Keith Ellison


Mohamad Albadawi works with ANOTHER non-profit organization called “Mercy Without Limits” is sponsoring an event in Arlington, Virginia in two weeks time. The March 15th 2015 Syria Revolution convergence on Washington DC…… rally at the White House. Another Overland Park, KS organization, Syria Relief and Development is also sponsoring that same event and as noted above she is Muslim American Society affiliated just as Mr. Albadawi. And her father throws the FOUR Finger Muslim Brotherhood gang sign like a pro. See screen captures below or go to the main website for the event.

M Albadawi and Jomana Qaddour sponsoring the same event March 15 Syrian Revolution 1

M Albadawi Mercy Without Limits 1

With this update let me point out something very interesting. In the screen capture above you see the name Mustafa Hussein, listed as a leader with Mohamad Albadawi’s “SECULAR” non-religious NON-PROFIT organization…… I bet Mustafa Hussein has no clue that Mohamad Albadawi likes a FOUNDING MEMBER OF AL-QAEDA…….. Just like he had no idea that an Al-Qaeda financier was attending his Mosque at ISGKC as reported in the Houston Chronicle, excerpts below.

By BILL DRAPER Associated Press Writer © 2010 The Associated Press

May 19, 2010

Mustafa Hussein, director of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, said Ouazzani’s wife came to the center after her husband was arrested in February and asked if the center could help him. Hussein told her that if the charges were politically motivated, there are organizations that could help, but “if he’s guilty, there’s nothing we can do.”

“She was crying, very upset,” Hussein said. “She did not come back to talk about it.”

Hussein, who acknowledged that he knew Ouazzani only through brief encounters at the center or mosque, said Ouazzani seemed like a normal family man and didn’t show any signs of extremism.

The Kansas City Al-Qaeda man got a 14 year conviction.

Another fun fact is that Dawood Zwink is a founding member of the Islamic Society of Kansas City in the 1970’s. An excerpt from a 2004 article seen below becomes more interesting as time goes on.

Dawood Zwink, someone closely associated with a range of militant Islamic institutions, including the American Muslim Council and the Islamic Society of North America. More worrisome yet is Zwink’s serving as chairperson of the Somali Relief Fund for, as J. Michael Waller pointed out in Senate testimony in October 2003,

Prominent Al-Qaeda operative, Wadih El Hage, now serving life in prison for masterminding 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, reportedly had Somali Relief Fund business card in his possession during a 1997 raid on his home by Kenyan officials.

Below is the Bio from an fundraiser event in Kansas City 2013

Dawood Zwink UAIS fundraiser

Oh my that was fun…………. I think this post is complete.

Update 8/12/18 Albadawi sponsors radical Syrian Imam touring the US


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