Kansas: Mohamad Albadawi – A Muslim Brotherhood Success Story in America

Posted on February 16, 2015


This post was first published February 16, 2015, and today December 13, 2019 – I was right about Albadawi…….

August 13, 2018 Press conference with CAIR, Albadawi admits to being on the TSA watchlist since 2009. His daughter Duaa Albadawi had plans to marry a Jihadist convicted of trying to bomb Chicago, and they run a refugee organization in Overland Park, KS.

CAIR Press Conference on TSA Watchlist

Kansas Businessman Mohamad Albadawi (right) with HAMAS supporters George Galloway (in black) and Mahdi Bray (left) pictured below – Overland Park, KS 2009.

Mohamed Albadawi with George Galloway

How many organizations does a person need? Well, apparently one is not nearly enough…….

I have no idea how many organizations actually exist in Kansas that are run by the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated (MAS) Muslim American Society. However, I know there are more than an “honest” person really needs!

Lets start with Mohamad Al-Badawi, the official head of the Kansas branch of the (MAS) Muslim American Society AKA the Muslim Brotherhood.

An online search reveals Mr. Albadawi is the “registered agent” for 5 non-profit orgs all created in May of 2012.

M Albadawi nonprofit orgs 1
M Albadawi nonprofit orgs 2

Mr. Albadawi served on the Board of Directors of the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City according to the old ISGKC.net website along with Dr. Jihad Qaddour as seen below. Abdullah Bayazid, also listed below is the uncle, possibly the father of a founding member of Al-Qaeda. Abdullah continues teaching Sharia in the Kansas City area in 2020.

Jihad Qaddour is the co-founder of Syria Relief and Development, another Overland Park, KS based organization. The organization’s books were initially handled by Mohamad Albadawi

Kansas City: KCUR 2015 omits MAS and Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS connections of Dr. Jihad and Mohamad Albadawi.

Mohamad Albadawi was also the Convention Chairman of the 1993 (MAYA) Muslim Arab Youth Association Convention in Detroit. He is quoted in The Argus-Press as saying “Muslims parents were worried about their children becoming OVER-AMERICANIZED, losing their Arabic language, and the culture of their homeland.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 11.12.51 AM

Discover the Networks – MAYA first came to public attention when it co-financed and sponsored a December 1989 conference in Kansas City, Missouri that invited, as guest speaker, a known Hamas terrorist named Sheikh Mohammed Siyyam, who called for violent jihad against Israel, Jews, and Christians.

Video from the 1989 MAYA/IAP Convention in Kansas City posted to the “FAVORITES” playlist of Muslim American Society leader Mohamad Albadawi as of February of 2020 can be seen in the short video above.

Video from the 1993 MAYA Convention in Michigan where Mohamad Albadawi was Convention Chairman is seen below. Hamed Ghazali and Ahmed Amro, both of whom are Kansas City Muslim Brotherhood/HAMAS subversives can also seen in the video.

Mecca before Medina, the Islamic template. 

Watch the VIDEO

Source: IPT March 1997 – “MAYA’s purpose, according to executive director Mohamad Al Badawi in Kansas City, is to reinforce the Islamic identity of Muslims in the United States. To help fam­ilies live a Muslim life in a non-Muslim en­vironment. To provide access for North American Islamic communities to Muslim scholars from overseas, and to identify and encourage Muslim volunteers to provide needed community services.The evolution of MAYA conventions par­allels the changes in Islamic communities in the United States, director Al Badawi points out. Proceedings in the initial con­ventions were in Arabic. After a few years a few sessions. primarily built around­ representatives of U.S. government and social service agencies and elected officials were held in English.

In 2016 we posted about MAYA’s founder Nabil Sadoun who was deported for his jihadist activities. Mohamad Albadawi is also described in great detail in the post.

The Kansas legislature testimony regarding “Sharia” in 2012 lists MAYA and MAS both of which Mohamad Albadawi has a leadership role.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 11.07.51 AM.png

Days after testimony was heard by the Kansas legislature, Albadawi raised 1.3 Million dollars in Kentucky at a Syrian fundraiser. His son Mohannad posted the info as seen screen captured below from Facebook.

Mohamed Albadawi one million dollars

A facebook post by Mohannad Albadawi, the son of Mohamad Albadawi claims they raised 1.3 MILLION Dollars at a Kentucky fundraiser. Mohamad Albadawi also commented that only 100 people attended the event.

Video from July 2014 in Kansas City showing Mohamad Albadawi and other ISGKC/MAS leaders protesting at the Plaza Fountains. Mohamad admits on camera that he likes Sayyid Qutb, Abdullah Azzam, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and Hasan Al-Banna (founder of the Muslim Brotherhood)………

Before you watch the short video exchange below,  just a short bio on each of the four names referenced in the video.

Nice to see the older Muslim men putting off the PEACE vibe and setting examples for the youth.

Feb. 2015 post to facebook shows Mr. Albadawi has some very hateful feelings toward white dudes..... eeks
Feb. 2015 Facebookpost shows Kansas City convert Isa Hodge in friends list along with Mansoor Ali Syed.

I could go into detail about several of those you see listed in Albadawi’s friends list above from his FACEBOOK PAGE, but lets just pick Ahmed Shehata. He is one of 30 Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in America named by El-Watan Newspaper of Egypt. Not to mention he was at the 2009 MAS-KC fundraiser at the Marriot in Overland Park, KS with Mr. Albadawi seen in the picture below with a fat stack of CASH!

Mohamad Albdawi speaking to Ahmed Shahata at 2009 MAS conference at Overland Park Kansas Marriot
Mohamad Albadawi speaking to Ahmed Shahata at Muslim American Society event Overland Park. KS 2009
$65,385.00 not a bad night eah?
Salah Sarsour (center) is a HAMAS friend of world famous anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. They raised $65,000 cash.

Mr. Albadawi’s facebook posts are often in Arabic and have to be translated. I did notice that there are two facebook accounts for Mr. Albadawi, but they are both private now. 2nd account here.

M Albadawi has 9 domain names affiliated with email

As seen above there are 9 websites connected to Mohamad’s (MAS) Muslim American Society email address, not to mention all his other pages on facebook, youtube, and other social networking sites.

To bring this post to a close lets take a look at a former student of the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. His name is Mohammed Soltan, shown in a picture below at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. He is easy to spot, the chubby kid with the big smile on the right.

Mohammed Soltan is seen on the right in the back row with a big smile. Mohannad Albadawi is seated in front of him. Mohannad as noted earlier in the story is the son of Mohamad Albadawi.

When you go thru the Honor Roll list of the past students from the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City something becomes aparent. Many kids coming out of this school are going overseas and engaging in Islamist activities. Multiple students including Soltan have joined George Galloway in activities aiding HAMAS. An Islamic terror group that uses kids as body armor.

Knowing that Mohamad Albadawi leads the KC Chapter of MAS, it should be pointed out that the US Gov had contracts with MAS contracted out of Leavenworth for $24,000.00 between 2006 and 2009 as pointed out by Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project.

December 2013 in Chicago – Mohamad Albadawi of Kansas City was the co-chairman of the convention
Jomana Qaddour pictured to the far right with George Galloway at the Muslim American Society event at the Marriot.

Mohammad Albadawi has donated money to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison……. as the photo below points out!

M Albadawi donates 1000 to Keith Ellison

Mohamad Albadawi works with ANOTHER non-profit organization called “Mercy Without Limits”. MWL sponsored an event in Arlington, Virginia on March 15, 2015 called Syria Revolution convergence on Washington DC, rally at the White House. Another Overland Park, KS organization, Syria Relief and Development run by Dr. Jihad Qaddour also sponsored that same event. See screen captures below or go to the main website for the event.

M Albadawi and Jomana Qaddour sponsoring the same event March 15 Syrian Revolution 1
M Albadawi Mercy Without Limits 1

In the screen capture above you see the name Mustafa Hussein, listed as Treasurer with Mohamad Albadawi’s “SECULAR” non-religious NON-PROFIT organization Mercy Without Limits. In 2010 Mustafa Hussein had no idea that an Al-Qaeda financier was attending his Mosque at ISGKC. Multiple sources quoted Hussein as saying, the Al-Qaeda financier “didn’t show any signs of “extremism”.

The 4 Finger hand gesture is a sign of solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood, picture taken at the JC Nichols fountains in Kansas City August, 18, 2013. This is a SIGN OF EXTREMISM………..

By BILL DRAPER Associated Press Writer © 2010 The Associated Press

May 19, 2010

Mustafa Hussein, director of the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City, said Ouazzani’s wife came to the center after her husband was arrested in February and asked if the center could help him. Hussein told her that if the charges were politically motivated, there are organizations that could help, but “if he’s guilty, there’s nothing we can do.”

“She was crying, very upset,” Hussein said. “She did not come back to talk about it.”

Hussein, who acknowledged that he knew Ouazzani only through brief encounters at the center or mosque, said Ouazzani seemed like a normal family man and didn’t show any signs of extremism.

The Kansas City Al-Qaeda financier got a 14 year conviction.

Mohamad Albadawi’s daughter was engaged to marry and later defended a convicted jihadist who tried to bomb Americans in Chicago of 2010. See the video and prior post here.

8/12/18 Albadawi sponsors radical Syrian Imam touring the US

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