KC Muslim Brotherhood and the Refugees

Posted on January 30, 2016



This post will feature a story from KCUR.


The screen capture above from the KCUR website gives names, and mentions a “REFUGEE CRISIS”. What the story does not mention is Mohamad Albadawi is a long time leader of multiple Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations. Albadawi was Convention Chairman for the 1993 MAYA Convention in Detroit Michigan as quoted in an Associated Press article in the Argus Press.


So, a little backround info on the Muslim Arab Youth Association MAYA is documented below with a focus on Kansas City

• Nabil Sadoun

Sadoun was ordered removed from the United States by the Immigration Court after being found deportable under a 21-count charging document for lying to immigration authorities about his connections to Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas-linked organizations.



Book written by deported jihadist and Jew hater Nabil Sadoun

Nabil Sadoun made his views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict clear during a 1993 interview.

Asked about conflict with “the Jews,” Sadoun described it as “the first priority for Muslim[s] until the Holy Land is liberated and the backbone of the Jews is broken.”

Nabil Sadoun served on CAIR’s board of directors a position he held until just before his 2010 deportation. He also served as a board member and past chair of CAIR-Texas. He helped found the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR) with Hamas leader Marzook.

The UASR was listed among the organizations in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Palestine Committee” in America. Sadoun also was a co-founder of the Muslim American Youth Association (MAYA)
Other co-founders included Osama bin Laden’s nephew, Abdullah, and the group was funded with a $250,000 grant from the Bin Laden Construction Company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. MAYA’s conferences, many of which it co-sponsored with IAP, have long supported Hamas.

For example, in Kansas City 1989, at an IAP/MAYA conference, a masked Hamas commander praised a Hamas operative for driving a civilian bus off the road into a ravine, killing 17 persons including an American. The crowd responded with shouts of “God is great!” Video of the Kansas City event can be seen here recorded at “Bartle Hall.”


Yusuf Al-Qaradawi at Bartle Hall 1989 – As of 2014 and still posted on the INTERPOL website, a Red Alert for his arrest.  Charged with incitement and assistance to commit intentional murder and helping prisoners escape. Yes, Muslim Brotherhood operations in Egypt.

Another convicted Hamas member, Nasser Hidmi (a K-State Student), was invited by a senior Hamas recruiter to a MAYA conference in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1990. Hidmi alleged that separate meetings were conducted during the conference specifically for Hamas supporters. Hidmi testified that during another MAYA conference in Kansas City in 1991, Hamas members discussed preparing terrorist attacks against Israel.

Additionally, in December 1992, MAYA’s Arabic language periodical Al-Amal quoted Nabil Sadoun as saying that MAYA had “introduced to the whole American [people] symbols of the awakening like Dr. Abdullah Azzam.” Azzam was Osama bin Laden’s spiritual advisor and a co-founder of Al Qaeda’s predecessor, the Makhtab-e-Khidamat.

Most of the info quoted above comes from IPT found here.

I would encourage KCUR folks read this story we posted on Albadawi and his questionable activities…. I would also encourage KCUR  watch this video from the plaza where Mohamad Albadawi tried to run from a video camera at a PUBLIC protest when a kaffir asked him pointed questions about his Muslim Brotherhood postings online…..

Another awesome fact is that Mohamad Albadawi is a long time leader with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. He has also been involved with the School and Youth programs as head of the Muslim American Society MAS in Kansas. It should be noted that the UAE United Arab Emirates officially declared MAS as a terror organization in 2014. It should also be noted that ISGKC is getting Jizzia payments from the kuffar tax payers through the WIC program as noted in this recent article.

That is a very small snippet of info concerning this topic. Now you can go read the original KCUR article and see if things look different after reading the ramblings of a mad man…. 🙂

The Kansas City Star ran a story in 2002 regarding the MAYA events in Kansas City. The article mentions none of the names of the Convention organizers, but did mention the name of a Kansas City woman who volunteered at the convention.

Local Muslims who attended some of the Bartle Hall sessions said they could not recall any recruiting or calls for violence.

“It wouldn’t even enter my mind that it was that kind of gathering,” said Rita Shukair, who has long been active in Palestinian humanitarian causes. Shukair helped distribute educational materials about the Middle East during part of the conference.

Let us be reminded that this is almost 30 years ago. A time when most Americans had no clue about Islam, Prophet Mohamed, Allah, Sharia, and….. “permissible LYING”…. Yes, indeed most people are still unaware that lying for Allah is not only “permissible” but can be “OBLIGATORY” according to Sharia (Islamic Sacred Law). You can inform yourself more on the subject at this link where we direct the kuffar to the exact pages dealing with “Holding One’s Tongue”……

So knowing now that lying to the infidel is pleasing to Allah if it helps Islam, it would make perfect (Islamic) sense that Rita Shukair would lie to the Kansas City Star reporter Rick Montgomery regarding the Islamic Jihadists at Bartle Hall…… that is of course the opinion of an informed kaffir…..

At about the same time in 1989 Rita Shukair was also an agitator against Israel as seen quoted below from the Chicago Tribune.

Police Smash Arab-jewish Peace Rally

December 31, 1989|By Carol Rosenberg, Special to The Tribune.

During the Herod Gate violence, Rita Shukair of Kansas City, Mo., stood before a water cannon, holding an olive branch to try to halt the melee. A border police officer struck her on the shoulder with his baton, then pushed her out of the way.

Shukair, the American wife of a Palestinian, said she came with her two children to the Holy Land as tourists, and to take part in the peace chain.

“All my life in America we were taught that these are the people of the book (Bible),“ she said. “Is this God or Satan? They ask us to give our hand in peace, and they give us tear gas and clubs.


As seen above the Shukair family has a history of Jewish agitation…… seems very fitting that one might expect to see Rita Shukair at a MAYA event. That is the CAUSING FITNA opinion……

The article above mentions that Rita Shukair is the wife of a Palestinian, but the husbands name is not mentioned. His name is however mentioned in a 1986 NY Times article showing more Jewish agitation just an couple years prior to the MAYA Conventions at Bartle Hall. Quoted below…

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 18— Meir Kahane, founder of the Jewish Defense League, was arrested and charged with battery Tuesday after a scuffle with hecklers at a speech in suburban Overland Park, Kan.

Mr. Kahane, 54 years old, who emigrated to Israel and is now a member of Parliament there, was released on a signature bond and is to appear in Overland Park Municipal Court on Dec. 2, said Lieut.

Phil Barbour of the Overland Park police. The two hecklers, Mousa Husein Shukair and Rezek M. Muslet, were charged with disorderly conduct.

”He was speaking on the stage and the people were yelling and heckling him,” Lieutenant Barbour said. ”He walked about 20 feet off the stage and took a swing. One or two blows were landed, and he was restrained by police officers.”

At the time the disturbance occurred, Mr. Kahane was assailing Arabs who live in Israel, saying they cause fear among Jewish citizens of that country.

Here at CAUSING FITNA we rarely use the term Arab or Palestinian to describe this issue….. Followers of Islam are called Muslims, they can be any race of people. A large percentage of the victims of Islam are themselves Arab……

We would also like to point out that Musa Shukair apparently owns a Mosque in Kansas A City as well…..


So, at the time the KC MAYA Conventions were going on, and Mr. Kahane was running around warning everyone about…. ARABS….the author of this blog (causingfitna) had no idea any of this B.S. was even happening. Ahhh yes, ignorance is bliss!!!!! But, here we are and here we go…..

Mr. Kahane was assassinated not long after his altercation with the KC peaceful Muslim agitators in Overland Park, KS. Yeah, shocking I know…. after watching the video of the Muslim Conventions at Bartle Hall I just assumed they loved Jews!!!!!!

El Sayyid Nosair, an Egyptian-born American citizen who was initially charged and acquitted of the murder.[53] Nosair was later convicted of the murder in United States district court incident to the trial for his involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Prosecutors were able to retry Nosair for the murder because the federal indictment includes the killing as part of the alleged terrorist conspiracy.[54] He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and later made a confession to federal agents.[55]

Islam happens….

Sheik, others convicted in New York

From Correspondent Brian Jenkins

October 1, 1995
Web posted at: 6:43 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK (CNN) — Defense attorneys said “preconceived bias” by jurors led to Sunday’s terror conspiracy conviction of Egyptian cleric Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman and nine others.

One of the defendants, El Sayyid Nosair, also was found guilty of the 1991 killing of extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane. Nosair and Abdel-Rahman both face the possibility of life in prison.

The convictions by a federal jury involve a plot to blow up the United Nations, kill Egypt’s president and bomb vital highway tunnels and FBI offices in New York. The verdicts followed 37 hours of deliberations stretching over seven days.

Prosecutors charged that Abdel-Rahman and his co-defendants plotted a war of terrorism against the United States to force a change in Washington’s Mideast policy.

The sheik’s attorney, Lynne Stewart, said he told her not to cry after the verdict was announced. “He said, `I’m not the first person to go to jail for his beliefs, I won’t be the last. There are always pitfalls when you choose this road and this is one of them,'” she said.

The jury found the sheik guilty of trying to arrange the assassination of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and of suggesting that the U.S. Army be targeted for bombings. The formal charges against Abdel-Rahman were seditious conspiracy, solicitation to murder, conspiracy to murder, solicitation to attack a U.S. military installation and bombing conspirac1984.

I must admit, Kahane was not someone I was familiar with. Yes I had heard of the JDL but had not done much research on the organization or the leadership….. Even after researching for sometime, something made me angry from day one……  the video below is a perfect example, the obviously intelligent people having the conversation did not mention the words Islam or Muslim even one time! The CNN reporter is obviously out to paint the Jewish State as the bad guy, and Rabbi Kahane was out to say the Arabs were the bad guy…. not one damn word about Allah, and he is the only one you need to convince if you are looking to stop jihadists from….. doing jihad.


1983 Meir Kahane on CNN – NOTE: The word Islam is not used once…. and the word Muslim is used only once at (25 min mark) by a Muslim caller who calls in to call the Jew a Monkey and Pig….. just like Allah.

Ok, I need a beer….. but wait, Allah don’t like beer! As a matter of fact, Allah does not like much at all, and if you offend him…….


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