MidWest HAMAS Supporters 3 Day Event: Pro-Palestinian Activists How to Engage American Public

Posted on February 25, 2015


Update May 26, 2021 – Fatima Mohammadi helped organize a recent rally for Palestine in Kansas City where the flag of Israel was tore down after a Kansas CAIR-rep gave a fiery speech. Fatima is also a friend of Mohamed Soltan who was recently named by an Egyptian News outlet as being a Muslim Brotherhood Trojan horse in America, video above. See video of the rally and a recent post here.

Fatima Mohammadi is an Islamist activist and ‎Legal Consultant from Overland Park, Kansas according to LinkedIn.

The vivapalestina-us website (http://www.vivapalestina-us.org) was registered in May 2009 to Fatima Mohammadi. The Investigative Project on Terrorism has uncovered evidence that the Viva Palestina campaign is more about supporting and legitimizing Hamas than it is about providing aid to the needy. In their speeches and in the delivery of their supplies, Viva Palestina’s most visible leaders call for the elimination of the State of Israel to pave the way for a “one state solution” to the conflict. They treat Hamas leaders as the legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people and provide both material and moral support to the terrorist organization.

Fatima Mohammadi pic from onboard the Mavi Marmara

During a 2010 interiew aboard the Mavi Marmara, Fatima Mohamadi of Overland Park, Kansas stands ready for trouble. Life vests on everyone as they prepare to break the blockade on GAZA. Many hours later they would attempt to fight off Israeli forces as they attempt to board the Mavi Marmara. Shouts of Allah Akbar were heard numerous times in the 1.5 hour video reviewed by CAUSINGFITA

Viva Palestina Organizer for George Galloway is great on the resume...... if you are HAMAS.

Search results sometimes say enough don’t they? Viva Palestina Organizer for George Galloway is great on the resume, if you are applying to work for HAMAS.

It should also be pointed out that Fatima Mohammadi is with “Citizens for Justice in the Middle East” as well as the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. The screen capture below shows they have some upcoming events in Overland Park, KS and Kansas City, MO.

CJME event Training ctivists to ENGAGE AMERICAN PUBLIC

The facebook event page as screen captured below on 2/23/15 at 12:03 PM shows Fatima Mohammadi and 4 others are Hosting the event for CJME. The attendee list as of now stands at 49 who are “going”.

Facebook screencapture shows Fatima Mohammadi created the CJME event, along with the others listed.

Facebook screen capture shows Fatima Mohammadi created the CJME event, along with the others listed.

Another event posted to Facebook with the same name, date, time, and place but hosted by “If Americans Knew” as seen in the screen capture below.

CJME alternate event with same name hosted by If Americans Knew 2

Ok, so what is the big deal huh? HAMAS suporters are hosting an event in Overland Park, KS, and part of the event is focused on how to engage the American Public…….. this all sounds great! Below is a facebook post Fatima Mohammadi made regarding her friend Mohammed Soltan. He is a former student at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City and is now in prison in Egypt. Now just remember, this has “nothing to do with Islam”…….. or the Muslim Brotherhood….. or HAMAS!

Fatima Mohammadi posts facebook comment about Soltan and her injury 1


Video of her friend Mohammed Soltan can be seen below on a Viva Palestina convoy. As you can see even then Mohammed Soltan was being followed by the Egyptian authorities in 2009. He continued on with his agitation for a long time before he was finally arrested with other Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt.

Another friend of Fatima Mohammadi is Mohammed El-Housiny, a Viva Palestina organizer and he was also wounded in clashes with the Egyptian authorities. Video below shows him bleeding and saying “I am ready to bleed all my blood.” It should be noted that Mohammed El-Housiny had originally started the “Free Soltan” facebook page.

What the hell is going on with the kids coming out of Islamic Education in Kansas City? Could it perhaps be…… Islam?

OK, now you know quite a bit more about Fatima Mohammadi and a few friends, but lets see what happens when she is interviewed by the Kansas City media. Fatima helped organize a protest against Israel on July 20, 2014 in Kansas City, at the Plaza Fountains. She was interviewed by 2 local TV Stations, and the KC Star reported on the event. Videos of both interviews, and the KC Star article with comments from Fatima Mohammadi can be found below.

Well, the local TV seems to have no clue who Fatima Mohammadi is, or they purposely left out the fact that HAMAS in Kansas City had a field trip to the fountains………… Come on folks……

Fatima Mohammadi comments on KC Star article regarding her protest 1

Lewis Diuguid with the KC Star…… “and Crescent” as I like add, posted this short article. Now, what I found most interesting were the comments section. I am sure Lewis was caught off guard when he was attacked by Fatima Mohammadi and another affiliate of CJME. The comments below speak for themselves, which is a redundant statement….. 🙂

Fatima Mohammadi comments on KC Star article regarding her protest 2

Now that you have run through some history with Fatima Mohammadi and friends, you are now ready to watch her propaganda video. Like bad acting in a bad soap opera, it almost deserves a laugh.

Fatima Mohammadi and friends are going to be teaching 50 activists to engage the American public……. How awesome is that? We posted some of the event details below, click to see Organizing for Palestinian Rights Training Activists to Engage the American Public

CJME another EVENT page for ISGKC training activists

Event Details

What: Community activism training for 50 members (includes light breakfast and lunch)

Where: Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. 8501 E 99th St, Kansas City, MO 64134 (816-763-2267)

11:45-1:00 Communication Tools for Change: Designing your message
This session gives an in-depth look at the importance of language and messaging in reaching other people on this issue. Outreach and educational efforts should center around a fact-based, human rights approach. Learn how to reach beyond the choir, handle people who just want to argue/derail, and respond to pressure.

1:45-2:30 Working with the Media

Combatting media misinformation about Israel-Palestine is one of the most important things Americans must do to change public opinion. Learn how to write press releases, letters to editors and op-eds; set up meetings with Congress people and local leaders; use billboards and newspaper ads effectively; and leverage social media to educate and inspire.

Examples of the above mentioned activist training and media message control can be seen in the following screen captures. Fatima Mohammadi points out she wants “two MUSLIMS” not “two Palestinians” to meet a congressperson on “Palestinian” issues. Yet their Billboard nor their talking points mention Islam, and never in detail.

Fatima Mohammadi 8 26 2014

August 26, 2014 Fatima Mohammadi’s twitter feed shows her engaging in Influence operations on behalf of Palestine/Gaza.

 The story below showing an anti-Israel Billboard in Kansas City can be seen on the KSHB website. Note the comments section below the screen capture. More examples of Social Media engagement tactics of these HAMAS tied folks.CJME Billboard Campaign encouraging Pro-Palestinian to contact reporterSo lets see if we got this straight, “Fatima Mohammadi/CJME” is partnering with “Alison Weir/If Americans Knew” and the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City to train activists? Below is a screen capture post from Mohamad Albadawi, a leader with the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City. Now I am pretty sure the screen capture below and the facebook comment from Mr. Albadawi has an interesting comment made by Mr. Albadawi, can anyone out there give me a good translation of the Arabic comment in the screen capture below?  More on Mr. Albadawi here.
M Albadawi posts pic of Bibi and says something about stinking jew watching Hamas kill soldiers
The Most awesome post of all coming from Mohamad Albadawi is below, the comment and the picture are priceless!
M Albadawi posts Obama pic as Morsi and comments
Everyone knows Obama is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, and it looks like leaders inside the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City know as well……..
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