Terror Tied Group Invades US Capitol……. Again

Posted on March 17, 2015


Jihad Qaddour at SRD event at US Capitol 2

In the center of the screen capture below you see a man named Jihad Qaddour. The picture below was taken at a Kansas City rally at the Plaza Fountains in August 2013. He has attended numerous protests/rallies at this location in KC.

Arrows indicate Jihad Qaddour and Mohamad Albadawi picture posted by MAS KC

Arrows indicate Jihad Qaddour and Mohamad Albadawi picture posted by MAS KC

The four finger Muslim Brotherhood gang sign seen above tells us that Jihad Qaddour is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, but he is also a leader in the Muslim American Society, a designated terror group in the UAE. Just days ago Jihad Qaddour was a guest on Al-Jazeera English, and none of that was ever mentioned……. Video below.

Jihad Qaddour at SRD event at US Capitol

Below is a screen capture from the March 15th event website that hosted the event, and includes some of the sponsors. I have highlighted the two orgs below for a purpose.

M Albadawi and Jomana Qaddour sponsoring the same event March 15 Syrian Revolution 1

Mercy Without Limits is a Kansas Organization that I just happened to have posted about in the past few weeks….

Jomana Qaddour is the daughter of Jihad Qaddour, she is also co-founder of Syria Relief and Development along with her father. She can be seen in the picture below at a 2009 Kansas event sharing the podium with George Galloway, the ultimate Jew Hater. Also in the picture below is Kansas City jihadist Mohammed El-Housiny.

Jomana Qaddour with Galloway and El-Housiny

Show me who your friends are……..

UPDATE: 5/22/2015

The Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City An-Noor weekend academy listed Jihad Qaddour as the contact for the program from the year 2000 through 2005. His daughter Jomana Qaddour is also listed as alumni of the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City. Jomana Qaddour went to school at ISGKC

Our most recent post regarding the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City can be seen here.

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