CAIR Kansas Leader Moussa Elbayoumy – Tahrir Square KC and the Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on May 14, 2015


In August of 2013 at the JC Nichols Fountains in Kansas City, the Muslim American Society AKA the Muslim Brotherhood put on a rally in support of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood “MARTYRS”. The rally was actually called “Tahrir Square KC”. What this post will do is highlight a few of the attendees of this rally. Something the KC Media has repeatedly failed to do. Amr Eldakak Tahrir KC rally 8-18-13

The screen capture below shows a group at the rally giving the four finger Muslim Brotherhood hand sign. One of the attendees seen below is Moussa Elbayoumy. Moussa is with the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Kansas Chapter.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.10.03 AM
Pictured at the bottom second from the right is Amr Eldakak with Egyptian American Association one of the organizers of the Tahrir Sqare KC rally.
Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.54.03 AM.png
Screen capture from the Egyptian American Association shows the EAA was meeting in Washington D.C. with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi September 24, 2012

The date of the meeting above is also significant as the meeting was held at approximately the same time as a new petition released by ISGKC.

A petition asking then President of Barack Obama to ban free speech that insults….. They used the September 11, 2012 attacks of Benghazi that was blamed falsely on a video that angered Muslims to try and ban free speech….. KSHB 41 reported about the petition but later deleted the report, I saved it below.

CAIR-KS rep Moussa Elbayoumy also made statements to the press after the Charlie Hebdo shootings took place.

The suspected shooters who killed 10 journalists from French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and two police officers in an attack Wednesday have been connected to Al-Qaeda by many sources. The Council on American Islamic Relations cautions that jumping to conclusions about the attackers can deepen anti-Islamic sentiments both intentionally and unintentionally. Moussa Elbayoumy is chairman for the Kansas branch of CAIR. He says that while his organization remains cautious, they’re relieved by the media response surrounding the attack so far. “We have had a long standing concern that the media is very quick to label something as ‘Islamic’ or [will make] references to people that wanted to be martyrs,” Elbayoumy said. “But in this particular case, I think people have been more restrained.” CAIR’s national branch condemned the shooting mere hours afterwards, offering condolences to the affected families.

Charlie Hebdo
The Charlie Hebdo cartoons
Mahnaz Shabbir at Google Fiber 4

In the photo above you can clearly see CAIR-KS Moussa Elbayoumy indicated by the white arrow. This picture was from February 2015 at Google Fiber. On the left side of the picture in the back row is Amr Eldakak, he was actually the main Organizer for the Tahrir Sqare KC rally in 2013. Also pictured far left in the second row is the Mahnaz Shabbir, who is on the citizen review board for the Oveland Park, KS Police Department.

Amr Eldakak facebook event Tahrir SQ KC


UMKC Mohamed Arafat Kamel CHARLIE HEBDO 1 Mohamed Arafat Kamel, listed as one of the Tahrir Square KC rally posts comments about the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. It should be noted that his facebook account is no longer publicly available as seen above.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 8.09.15 AM.png
Mohamed Arafat Kamel protests Egyptian President Mubarak at another rally in KC January 29th, 2011
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.11.44 PM.png
Mohamed Arafat Kamel seen in the bottom right photo attends to a patient at the Medina Clinic. Seen on the Medina Clinic facebook page.

The KC Media have reported from the Medina Clinic based in Lee’s Summit Missouri. A report here from KCPT highlighting the Medina Clinic and mentions MYNA-KC, a Muslim Brotherhood organization that teaches youth the Muslim Brotherhood ideology.  KCPT report seen her is an example of the Media being used as excellent tools for dawah. See that link and tell me you don’t feel warm and fuzzy for Allah. And here is another story involving the Median Clinic. Very interesting to know TWO of the volunteers at the clinic are Muslim Brotherhood affiliated activists and the media, seriously have not a clue.

Amr Eldakak MUGSHOT
Amr Eldakak was the main organizer for the Tahrir Square KC Muslim Brotherhood rally per the facebook event page.

The screen captures above show a few facebook posts from another Kansas City Muslim worker. His name is Hussain Yusuf, he commented in August 2013 regarding the 275 Muslim Brotherhood martyrs and did some quick math for Allah.

Again in 2015 he continued making these amazingly insightful comments while virtue signaling as he carried a baby off a boat. Look at me, I have a baby in my hands! Oh, and he wants to ban Donald Trump from speaking.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 12.41.46 PM.png

This post was started in 2015, and here we are in 2019….. the mother of Hussain is a Nigerian immigrant who was recently found guilt of Daycare Fraud in Kansas City.

Hussain Yusuf’s twin brother is the protege of Khalid Yasin, the hate preacher. Should be no surprise…. And his father is Dr. Yusuf Al-Hassan who actually sponsors youth conferences with invited speakers such as Khalid Yasin and Siraj Wahhaj. The screen capture below is the father pushing a petition regarding Boko Haram.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 10.45.20 AM

Moussa Elbayoumy is the Director of the Islamic Center of Lawrence, Kansas. The same Islamic Center that hosted hate preacher Khalid Yasin in 2010. The picture below is from that same 2010 event in Lawrence, KS showing Bassam Helwani and Imam Yahya H. Furqan of Kansas City. FYI to the Lawrence homosexual community, Khalid Yasin supports killing of gays, and so much more……. SHARIA

Bassam Helwani with Khalid Yasin and

Read Yasin’s Personal Profile VIA Discover the Networks On September 11, 2001, Yasin was in Saudi Arabia soliciting the support of an al Qaeda front known as the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation — which eventually would be designated as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government — to help finance the creation of his proposed “Islamic Broadcasting Company” (IBC).

As seen in the picture (center) above with hate preacher Khalid Yasin, Imam Yahya H. Furqan of Kansas City, also has a history of protesting images that are insulting to Islam, going back to 1981. Oh yes, the fight to impose Sharia Blasphemy laws in Kansas City has been going on for some time……..

Imam Yahya Furqan 5 CRAID
Imam Yahya Furqan marches in NEW WORLD PATRIOTISM DAY PARADE 1981 in Kansas City – the purpose of the parade is explained in the article below from 1983. Note the man carrying the sign that reads C.R.A.I.D. (Imam Furqan is pictured in the bottom right picture in the brown suit holding a banner.)

In an article from 1983 Imam W. Deen Muhammad explains the CRAID parade.

Imam W. Deen Muhammad 

Editor’s note: A number of questions are received each month by the column “Muhammad Speaks. ” This response by Imam Warith Deen Muhammad is in answer to many of those questions and gives clear direction to the American Muslim Mission’s efforts in this area.)

THE MAIN activity of the Committee for the Removal of All Images that Attempt to Portray the Divine (C.R.A.I.D.) is carrying the signs that bring attention to the problem of depicting God in any image, and the main problem we have is the human image — the human image of God — white and/or black. The Rev. Clege in Detroit — and there have been two or three other reverends — and one in the South that 1 learned about within the last year have put a black image up. And we think that’s just blind reaction to the white image. I think racial sentiments are behind it and that’s bad.

OUR CRITICISM of it and the defense for our position are in the American Muslim Journal and the C.R.A.I.D, committees themselves; they carry the language on signs, and parade around busy areas where there is a lot of traffic.

It took me quite some time to grasp what the hell they were talking about when I originally looked at the C.R.A.I.D. posters being carried in the 1981 Parade. They want images of God removed, they want SHARIA………

Rasheed Furqan administrator for Muslim MarketplaceKC

Imam Yahya H. Furqan has a son by the name of Rasheed Furqan who runs a facebook page called “The Muslim Market Place” in Kansas City. A screen capture below shows Rasheed Furqan is the Admin of the site.

On January 7th, 2015 the Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Jihadists...... Hours later a Kansas City Muslim would make a very Islamic statement regarding the attacks....
On January 7th, 2015 the Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Jihadists…… Hours later a Kansas City Muslim would make a very Islamic statement regarding the attacks….
Rasheed Furqan Jan 13 Chalie Hebdo Reprint

By these facebook posts from Rasheed Furqan, it is easy to see he is a SHARIA supporter, and as we see from the 1981 Parade we know where this Sharia Law inspiration comes from. Pretty sad story when we put it into perspective….. Raising Sharia adherents in Kansas City…….

Rasheed Furqan Muslim Market Place 4

See the latest post where Rasheed Furqan states that Christians and Jews are the enemy, and Muslims are not to be friends with them.

Are you feeling the peace vibe yet?
Are you feeling the peace vibe yet?
It is all about Sharia Law, and the Midwest is no exception. Watch the video below, as painful as it may be, and arm yourself with knowledge regarding Sharia Law and permissible lying. You can’t resist if you have no idea what you are resisting.
VIDEO Published on Jul 3, 2012 at Kansas University sponsored by the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City and the Muslim Students Association of KU.
Lecture by Dr. Moussa Elbayoumy, Director of the Islamic Society of Lawrence, on the reaction of the Muslim world to offensive cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, What needs to be done when freedom of expression conflicts with deeply held religious beliefs, and whether anything is off limits in a pluralistic society.
The video posted above has been removed after we posted it…..
The original video was posted by Jihad Alammar, a former Kansas University student from Saudi Arabia. Another video posted to his youtube channel that is no longer available is seen below…… yes, I saved it, and it is very very important……