Christiane Amanpour gets played by Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on June 2, 2014


Watch as CNN’s Christiane Amanpour becomes a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood and HAMAS. This will be explained in just a few simple screen captures following the video. She talks about Mohamed Soltan and his hunger strike in Egypt…….. Listen to what she has to say and compare to the tweets from Mohamed Soltan below, which are just a few of many that we saved long ago. Anyone with a brain could see what Mr. Soltan was doing…..

Mohammed Sultan Ikwan makes Islam in WestMohammed Soltan HAMAS 2Mohammed Soltan and IDF on twitterMohammed Soltan HAMAS is MBMohammed Soltan Islam is NOT A RELIGIONMohammed Soltan Israel

UMMMMMM…… Earth to CNN, what planet are you all from?

Another fun fact is that Mohamed El-Housiny from Kansas City runs the FreeSoltan organization. He was a member of Viva Palestina caravan with George Galloway and was wounded. He said at the time with blood running down his face he was ready to bleed all his blood. During that incident police were taken captive and later released. As it turns out, and many Americans may not know this, but it is not illegal for someone like Mohamed El-Housiny to go to another country and engage in this type of activity. Video of this can be seen below, and the people behind the FREESOLTAN org are just as important to the story as is Mr. Soltan himself. Why did Christiane Amanpour not mention that Mohamed El-Housiny runs the Free Soltan organization?

Mohamed El-Housiny admin for facebook FREESOLTAN page

Mohamed El-Housiny MANAGER of Free Soltan ORGANIZATION
The Kansas City local media won’t touch this story with a ten foot stick.

People may recall that the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City put out a petition asking for a ban on free speech, because Muslims might freak out and perform some violence against the kuffar (filthy non-Muslims).

Channel 41 in KC reported about the petition, interviewing Mohamed Kohia, a friend of Mohamed Soltan. The link to KSHB 41 is no longer available, it is because KSHB 41 is practicing self-cen·sor·ship🤫

We saved the video, knowing it would happen. See it below.

Mohamed Soltan and Mohamed Kohia know one another, as seen below in Kansas City at a Quran Competition.

M Soltan and M Kohia at Quran Competition 2

Mohammed Soltan (pictured in the back), Mohamed Kohia (picture right), a Professor at a Kansas Jesuit “Christian” School wants to BAN FREE SPEECH KSHB 41 video below, Imam from Overland Park, KS Dahee Saeed (left)

A friend of Mohamed Soltan in Kansas City by the name of Mohannad Albadawi has also threatened spitting on anyone who says anything bad about Mohamed Soltan or his father Salah Soltan. Mohannad Albadawi is a leader for the Muslims American Society in Kansas City, and his father Mohamed Albadawi is the president of MASKC. In the screen captures below you will notice a few Allah Akbars being shouted on their facebook accounts and millions of dollars being raised at fundraisers……. hmmmm

See for yourself  the screen captures below. Words that should stick out are “American Sharia” and “Spitting” and “wife needed before deportation” along with the large amounts of money…… gee I don’t know? This is all publicly available content folks, WTF? The Kansas City media I believe are purposely staying away from this story because it is much bigger than Mohamed Soltan and his hunger strike! How did Mohamed Soltan come to be the freaky douche bag that he is? Could it be that he learned some warped version of what FREE SPEECH is about from ISGKC?

Breakdown, Soltan claims he is fighting for free speech, yet his friend Mohannad Albadawi will spit on you if you say anything bad about him or his father? Another acquaintance of Mohamed Soltan is Mohamed Kohia, he seems to have a problem with free speech altogether, along with his co-board members at ISGKC which represents everyone at ISGKC…… and in the opinion of CausingFitna, this is FUBAR. There is so much more to say about this but I just don’t have the time.

Mohannad Albadawi 1 point 3 milllion raised in Kentucky Allah u akbar Mohannad Albadawi posts childhood pic of Soltan at ISGKC Mohannad Albadawi posts pic of Soltan father son with qaradawi Mohannad Albadawi spit in face Soltan and need to find wife or deported

Mohannad Albadawi 1 point 3 milllion raised in Kentucky Allah u akbar 2

Mohannad Albadawi talks about dad and the MAS convention song dedicated to Soltan

Christian Amanpour is a complete idiot.

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