Kansas City American Muslim Council – Creeping Sharia

Posted on November 4, 2011


I am starting this story with a screen capture from the Center for Religious Experience and Study website. As you can see there is a brief bio, you can click on the picture to expand and read. Take note Ahmed is the FOUNDER of the American Muslim Council of Greater Kansas City. You may have heard of AMC, American Muslim Council, but I will get into them a bit later in the story.  But, keep in mind Ahmed is the founder of AMC in KC while you read this story.

First I am going to post 2 screen captures also from the same bio page of Ahmed as seen above. They are articles from the KC Star, if you notice in the picture above, the Center for Religious Experience and Study has a column in the KC STAR.

KC Star Article Bio on Ahmed

Now, the next 2 screen captures are an article Ahmed wrote for the KC STAR. The entire article is about his uncle, and here is where things get good. Just WHO IS THE UNCLE IN THIS ARTICLE OF PRAISE for a great man????????

Here we go…….

hmmmm, gee, this guy sounds great........ I bet the KC STAR bought every bit, hook line and sinker.....

Ahmeds uncle pictured here, Born in 1926, Kamel Al Sharif, Former Jordanian Diplomat and an ORIGINAL Muslim Brotherhood leader acquainted with Hassan AL-BANNA, 1928 founder of the BH

Part 2 of the article…..

By reading this, I would Ahmed is working real hard in the same direction as good old uncle MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD LEADER!!!!!! if.... if you take him at his word......

So, how do we determine that his uncle Kamel is Muslim Brotherhood????

There is more……. hehehehe, OH Kansas City there is so much more.

Karmel Al Sharif from a young man, to a soldier, to Muslim Brotherhood leader known worldwide, except to the Kansas City Media...... KC STAR?

Now, I am going to post a link that everyone should read, it is an interview Kamel Al Sharif gave regarding his service in the 1948 war. During that period, Al-Sherif was in direct contact with key players in events. You can see a screen capture below of the beginning of this interview, I encourage you to read the whole thing. HERE!!!!!!!

See link above to read it all, it is a very good interview and tells you just how involved this man was during and after the war of 48. And keep in mind, his nephew, FOUNDER of American Muslim Council in KC is more determined than EVER, to carry on his UNCLES WORK....... 🙂 just sayin, keep that in mind while reading what you are about to see.

A photo to warm the heart.... Congressman Cleaver? do you know what the hell you are doing Sir? It is interesting to note that Ahmed has been busy in AZ, AK, and Sacramento CA?? mover and a shacker, I do have respect for hard work....... and Ahmed works extremely hard........ cheers!!!! lets keep moving

Lets learn some more on Ahmeds roll model, his uncle Kamel, the Muslim Brotherhood leader before I get to the real meat of the story……. and yes, it just keeps getting better……

Screen Capture from NEFA story on the UNION OF GOOD....... Ahmed Al Sharifs late uncle Kamel Al Sharif is listed a trustee on the board of the UNION OF GOOD as seen in the screen captures below from the NEFA story.

YES, read that again…….. Ahmed Al Sharif, who wants to carry on his uncle’s work and is more committed than EVER….. he is in Kansas City, and his uncle was an acquaintance of Hassan AL-BANNA!!!!!!!!!  KC STAR EAT YOUR HEART OUT….

It just gets better the more we go, and what comes next is no exception. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO READ PART 2 

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