Million Muslim March Leader Runs for Senate

Last year’s failed “Million Muslim March on 9/11” isn’t the last you’ll hear of MD Rabbi Alam, the controversial event’s organizer. He has set up a campaign website to run for Senate in 2016 and more information has been provided to Causing Fitna by Muslims and non-Muslims about a key player in his activism.

Alam is originally from Bangladesh. He says that he served as a U.S. soldier in Iraq and was honorably discharged. He beefed up his resume by creating multiple organizations.

He is the national chairman of the National Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus, the State Chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party Asian-American Caucus and the chairman of the American Muslim Political Action Committee. None of these are official organs of the Democratic Party.

Now, he is running for the Missouri Democratic Senate nomination in 2016 and Causing Fitna has communicated with several sources worried about his close working relationship with a convert named Christopher Isa Hodge.

First, the wild 9/11 conspiracy theories of MD Rabbi Alam and his associates were exposed. Links were also discovered between Alam’s organizations and Viva Palestina, a pro-Hamas group led by anti-American British politician George Galloway.

It was then found that Alam made a Facebook group and website to promote a pro-Islamist march in Bangladesh sympathetic to Jamaat-e-Islami. The group was subsequently deleted, but he continues to post condemnations of the Bangladeshi government for its actions against Jamaat-e-Islami.

Alam’s group also announced an endorsement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which CAIR denied. His group then announced that Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) was speaking at its 9/11 rally. His office said they had no idea about it.

After the march, Causing Fitna came into contact with several Muslims and non-Muslims with common horror stories about Christopher Isa Hodge, the executive director of Alam’s AMPAC organization; the chief of operations for the 9/11 march and former Executive Member of Alam’s MDPAAC organization.

He “likes” George Galloway on Facebook and on January 4, 2013, said on a radio show that “Muslims have been in this country long before the white man ever touched the shore.” He also has said, “You can see Sharia Law in the Constitution itself.”

He spoke at a 9/11 Truther event in September. His introducer said he has been working with the Islamic Circle of North America for 20 years. ICNA is a derivative of Jamaat-e-Islami and is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the event, he performed his rap song vilifying the U.S. It opens with, “I’m a bonafide, certified, fit-the-profile fundamentalist. My name is on the no-fly list at all the airports…”

According to the sources we spoke with, Hodge has a history of deceit, abuse, stalking and extremism and even faces an unproven accusation that he molested a child—the lattermost being of special concern because he said he is a pediatric nurse at his September speaking engagement [2:00].

Causing Fitna was told that Hodge converted to Islam while he was in prison for armed robbery. Hodge says he converted at age 19 in 1993.

The sources describe hearing him tell associates after 9/11 that he sympathized with the motivations of terrorists targeting the U.S. and that the country’s freedom has made it immoral. One source recalled seeing pictures of Osama Bin Laden in the cars of his friends and that defended the Sharia Law practiced in the Middle East.

The sources shared similar stories of him physically abusing and stalking women. In one incident, he allegedly hid his Muslim faith from a Christian girlfriend until she moved to live with him.

Missouri court records substantiate the sources’ information that Hodge has a criminal record that includes a conviction for robbery in the second degree in 1992 and third degree domestic assault in 2008. He pled guilty in both cases. We are told that his 2008 conviction relates to physical abuse of a girlfriend, including hitting her with his car.

Causing Fitna was provided with a 2008 Department of Social Services document confirming that he was accused of molesting a boy. The document confirms that the child told a consistent story about the incident in multiple interviews and the allegation was considered “substantiated.”

“Mr. Hodge did not cooperate with this investigation. He refused to speak…and did not respond to my attempts to obtain a statement from him regarding the allegations,” it states.

We are not publishing the document in order to protect the privacy of the alleged victim.

Sources say that the charges against Hodge were dropped and he was never convicted.

MD Rabbi Alam and his organizations are not just activists with unpopular opinions. They are Islamic extremists with frightening backgrounds. That is the opinion here at “Causing Fitna” unless we missed something.  Hopefully, these facts will prevent MD Alam and his Apple Dumpling Gang from achieving the prominence they seek.

I guess we will just have to wait and see where it goes from here, but the whole thing is…… odd.

Isa Hodge speaks to college students at UMKC Islamic Awareness Week 2013 about how he came to Islam.

Isa Hodge speaks to college students at UMKC Islamic Awareness Week 2013 about how he came to Islam.

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