Kansas City Muslim Derron Black AKA Shahid Abdullah storms podium at Sly James speech

Derron Black, stormed the podium of Mayor Sly James during a recent speech. What is being missed in virtually every story is his alias of Shahid Abdullah. He works with MD Rabbi Alam the 911 Truther who recently ran as Secretary of State in Missouri. Derron Black aka Shahid Abdullah is a working member of AMPAC American Muslim Political Action Committee currently organizing a so-called Million Muslim March to the White House on 911 of 2013.

Below you can see the proof that Derron Black and Shahid Abdullah are the same person. But SHHHHHH! Don’t mention his Islamic name……. you may be called an Islamophobic crazy by the extremely LAME media.

Derron Black 2

The photo above as seen on the Million Muslim March facebook page. In the right picture is Derron Black wearing his Alpha Male Nation shirt and black skull cap. Below is a picture from Derron Blacks face book page showing him wearing the exact same shirt and cap.

Derron Black 3

As highlighted in the screen capture above, the name Derron Black and the picture from his facebook page.

His Google+ account also lists him as Shahid Abdullah and is also affiliated with the same Alpha Male Nation as seen below.

Derron Black 4

Watch as this Muslim Convert boldly takes the mic. Will the media mention to the Public his Islamic name? Doubtful but perhaps if people press the issue a bit more.

Can’t wait to see what comes of this……….. The funniest part is that MD Rabbi Alam is now wanting to push for his friend to run for Mayor of Kansas City! The fun never quits with MD Rabbi Alam.

Update: TKC actually called MD Alam and confirmed that Derron Black is indeed Shahid Abdullah. See below the video for TKC’s update. But it should also be no shocker to see MD Rabbi Alam pick his fried Derron Black/Shahid Abdullah up from jail……. see video below.

See video here of MD Rabbi Alam as he escorts Derron Black from jail and rides off into the sunset. Praise Allah!

More from TKC here.

This is the facebook page of Derron Black’s alias Shahid Abdullah, shown here as Abdullah Shahid. You can see that his profile is the AMPAC image and his same profile picture in the screen capture below.

Derron Black 7

The facebook says he is  a leader of the Muslim Republican National Caucus.  The quote below from the MRNC website shows Shahid Abdullah is the National Organizer, and they are helping MD Rabbi Alam with his Million Muslim March on 911……. this whole thing is a big pile of poopy. 

MRNC is helping AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee) for it’s Historic Event on 9/11/13 for “Million Muslim March (http://www.Facebook.com/MMM91113)  at White House in Washington DC.

Thank you.

Shahid Abdullah

National Organizaer

Muslim Republican National Caucus (MRNC)


The story here is not really Derron Black/Shahid Abdullah or MD Rabbi Alam (The OPPORTUNIST) but the media. The media is the story, as they miss so much. They really have to be trying not to report this stuff sometimes. SHHHHHHH……we don’t want to get the interfaith community upset with us…….


Derron Black 11


The picture above is from a happier encounter from April 22nd, 2012 – Things appear to have changed……..

Now they are all gearing up for Derron Black making his announcement that he will be running for Mayor of KC…… Will the media mute themselves to anything Islamic? I would put money on it……. UPDATE from KSHB on the Press Conference that turned hectic here.

An update from KMBC can be found here.

It should be fairly evident that the KC Media is either ignorant…….. or the media is purposely not reporting the interesting work of Shahid Abdullah and friends. ISLAM is not to be mentioned, SHARIA Law has infected journalism. The only reason we posted the links to the local MEDIA stories is to highlight how they can’t report on this subject. SHHHHHH……… you know what happens when you offend a Muslim right?

But lets end this with a bit of Political Humor H/T @TKC –  Artist and Activist Alonzo Washington imagines a more direct bit of political media reaction video below.

UPDATE: Micheal Mahoney gets brushed aside in this video. Scared silent as I mentioned is the real story. Journalists scared stiff in the opinion of CAUSING FITNA. Watch this video report from KMBC.


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