Republican Matt Schlapp FACT CHECKED by KCPD

Posted on October 22, 2020


The tweet above from Matt Schlapp has gained over 14,000 likes and retweets in Twitter in 3 days. No doubt the flyer was shared on numerous other platforms as well.

Schlapp is from Wichita, KS

The Kansas City Police on both sides of the state line are saying they have not received any reports of this actually happening. I had previously shared the tweet from Matt Schlapp but as I looked further I couldn’t find any more info so I unshared the tweet. Matt Schlapp has not removed the tweet.

The Hill is also reporting that police in New Hampshire are investigating the exact same flyer.

The flyer Matt Schlapp claims is being circulated in the KC area is easy to believe given the current political climate in this country. The picture of Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids in a t-shirt saying “ALL MY HEROES KILLED COLONIZERS.” is a perfect example…….

Matt Schlapp mentioned in his tweet a Kansas Republican wounded in an attack pictured below. While the flyer may be a fake, that black eye looks real enough.

Mr. Jack Cashill – “Kansans, if you are wondering why you see so few Trump, Marshall, and Adkins signs, this is what my friend Dwight Sutherland looked like after confronting the man who had repeatedly destroyed his yard signs. It would be nice if Biden, Bollier, and Davids denounced the thuggery. After all, “Kindness is everything.”

In the age of censorship and the recent news from Project Veritas regarding GOOGLE, we should not forget how Laura Loomer was thrown under the bus by Matt Schlapp and weak republicans….. Watch Below

The KCPD was quick to jump on that bit of “fake news” but will they do the same when it comes to HAMAS infiltration in KC? I figured since the KCPolice on twitter want to “slow the spread” of FAKE NEWS I would ask them to fact check my own circulating info in a reply to their tweet……..

I have not heard back, it must be real…….

Don’t be a political ideologue, be a patriot.