Something Stinks About The Platte County TERRORIST Story….

Posted on February 1, 2016


update – 2/3/17   SO….. I just got off the phone with the wife of the accused Platte County TERRORIST…… She had a much different story than that of the Shalabi family that accused Ali Swei of being part of the Ansar Al SHARIA terror group….. What a sad story, and things are not as they seem, someone is lying, and the wife has a more compelling story from where I sit.

So in the last couple of weeks we were watching the story of the supposed Ansar Al-Sharia terrorist in the Kansas City area…… The original story posted on the Fox 4 website is gone!


The story can still be seen in the search results….


So, who cares? What’s the deal? 

Actually I am not 100% certain…. but I can tell you that I have been contacted by someone claiming to be a friend of the “accused” Ansar Al-Sharia terrorist Ali Swei. The person has a compelling bit of info, and claims that Ali Swei is no terrorist. The source also claims that Ali Swei has an American wife and that the Shalabi couple who turned in Ali Swei to authorities is making up the story for revenge of sorts…..

I don’t claim to know for sure one way or the other but something is not adding up, and now FOX 4 has deleted the story.

You can see my original post here and check the comments section….. the initial contact from Ali Swei’s friend from Libya insinuates that the whole thing is a fabrication….. but again, who knows at this point.

The source also claims that the family and friends of Ali Swei are dealing with accusations and problems due to the Shalabi’s accusations.

You can see the story below out of Libya translated makes the point that no charges for “terrorism” have been filed as of now, and that things got heated when Shalabi asked Swei to leave. Swei demanded the money first regarding a land deal they had….. and then? Well, we will have to wait and see…. This story could go several ways, but claiming someone is a terrorist affiliated with Ansar Al SHARIA is a big deal….. Either it is a lie or it is true, and we should all know the truth on this one…. FOX 4 pulling the story with no apparent  explanation is a bit questionable.


See the full story from Lybia here….

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