KC Chiefs Unknowingly Promote Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate in KC Public School

Posted on April 9, 2015


In September of 2014 Husain Abdullah should not have received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty after dropping to his knees and bowing in prayer following a 39-yard interception return for a touchdown during the Kansas City Chiefs’ 41-14 victory over the New England Patriots the NFL said.

UMKC MSA Chiefs 3

The photo above was posted online by the UMKC Muslim Students Association (MSA). Husain Abdullah is also founder of a group called Mobilize KC. In May of 2014 MobilizeKC teamed up with the KC Chiefs to visit a Public School.

White Church Elementary School in Kansas City, KS is where the event took place. Very likely the principal and staff had no idea that Mobilize KC was staffed with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  Kansas City Kansas Public School District 500

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari White Church Elementary School

So just who did Mr. Abdullah decide to bring along on this trip to a Public School? Asad Helal, a former President of the Muslim Students Association of UMKC and a Viva Palestina participant by the name of Sara Jawhari. Both of these people are seen in the screen capture below from the Mobilize KC facebook page. The picture is a screen capture from the official KC Chiefs Instagram page. KC Wolf showed up and was victim of jihad propaganda…… Used and abused.

UMKC MSA official Chiefs facebook page posts pic of MSA and Viva Palestina

Now, lets expand on the two individuals Husain Abdullah brought into a public school setting. Asad Helal can be seen in the photo below along with a story from the Urdu Times.

UrduTimesUSA MYNA 5-01-14 UMKC MSA

A video from a MYNA convention in Kansas City seen below promotes the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. Abdallah Idris Ali has been affiliated with MYNA for decades.

UMKC MSA president Mobilize KC

Sara Jawhari can be seen in a propaganda video below as she accompanied George Galloway and Viva Palestina in support of HAMAS.

KC Chiefs may want to check on Husain Abdullah’s friends before posting any more pics……… They may as well have posted a pic of George Galloway handing out Easter Eggs to the kids.

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari and Chiefs Player at ISGKC

As part of the Mobilize KC effort, Husain Abdullah and Sara Jawhari also spoke to kids at the Islamic School of Greater Kansas City as seen pictured above.

UMKC MSA and JCCC MSA MAS with Husain Abdullah and KC CAIR cop

The picture above taken at Harvesters showing Husain Abdullah’s Mobilize KC volunteers is something the KC Chiefs should consider before teaming up with Mobilize KC to be used as Islamist propaganda, again….. Pictured bottom right is Asad Helal, UMKC MSA leader. In the back row with the Muslim American Society (MAS) Youth Sports shirt is Yousef Hammouda JCCC MSA leader and an unknown friend in orange shirt. Both Yousef and his friends are pictured below throwing the 4 finger Muslim Brotherhood gang sign. In the back row pictured right is Jabir Hazziez Jr. of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. More about him here.

ICK FOUR Finger Muslim Brotherhood Gang sign

This is nothing new to the KC area. We posted about the UMKC Muslim Students Association visiting Public Schools in Kansas City recently here.

Jihad is in the house, as usual, that is our opinion. Sure would be nice if the KC media would prove me wrong…… but they are scared.

UPDATE: 4/9/015

Pictures speak a thousand words right? Ok….. Below you will find several pictures I took with my computer, and now you can see them. Some of the pictures require reading.

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari ferguson protesting journalist

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari ferguson Palestine Contingent

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari ferguson with Cornel West

Notice the picture second from the bottom on the left? Yes that is Linda Sarsour, the jihadist anti-Semite herself embracing Sarah Jawhari. Poor kid born and raised in Islam to hate the kufar…… what a shame.

Yes, pictures can sometimes scream at you……

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari KSHB 41 action News 4

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari KSHB 41 action News

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari KSHB 41 action News 3

Did Sara Jawhari really feed them cupcakes?

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari KU takes picture of Obama

I still wonder how a Viva Palestina convoy participant could get close enough to the POTUS to take this picture? Seriously, just think of George Galloway holding the camera…….

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari photo of chiefs stadium and comment being on field

UMKC MSA  Sara Jawhari photo of Omar Suleiman and Husain Abdullah

Sara Jawhari was a student at ISGKC, she went on Viva Palestina Convoys with Jew Hating George Galloway with several other Muslim Youth from KC. Another sad story is Mohammed Soltan, he is very likely to be sentenced to death in Egypt in the next few days, just like his father was sentenced days ago.

M Soltan and M Kohia at Quran Competition 2

The chubby kid in the back, Mohammed Soltan in 2008 or 2009, sitting in the same damn room that Husain Abdullah was sitting in less than a year ago. Yes, he was raised in Kansas City to be a jihad activist, and he joined the Muslim Brotherhood idiots and went to Egypt to stir up Islam……. The man sitting on the right in the photo is a leader at ISGKC by the name of Mohammed Kohia, he can be seen on a NOW REMOVED VIDEO below, glad I saved it from the SHARIA COMPLIANT media.

Mohammed Soltan is seen on the right in the back row with a big smile. Mohannad Albadawi is seated in front of him. Mohannad as noted earlier in the story is the son of Mohamad Albadawi.

Mohammed Soltan is seen on the right in the back row with a big smile.

Is it not interesting to see the silence of the KC Media on a former Kansas City school boy? Who in the next few hours may be sentenced to life in prison or death for taking part in Muslim Brotherhood terrorism in Egypt….. See the details of Mohammed Soltan here. The FreeSoltan facebook organization was originally founded by Mohammed El-Housiny of Kansas City.


Great athlete? Yes….. Taking his MSA and George Galloway friends to public schools???? Not so much……

UPDATED for context January 13, 2019 – Do you remember when Trump was running for President and held a rally in KC, and the Police horse got punched? Well I WAS THERE, and I recorded it….. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 10.32.19 AM.png

The entire media ignored the fact that a Muslim Brotherhood raised and groomed propagandist was leading the protest against Trump into the streets of Kansas City against the Police. Instead the media focused on the transgender who slapped the police horse. The picture above shows KMBC News used CAUSINGFITNA as the source.

See the video KMBC would show you and more about my trip to the KC Trump rally here.



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