Video: Notorious U.S. Muslim leaves Islam, no joy in Islam

Posted on May 19, 2013


must see!

Creeping Sharia

This is about love not hate and I invite you to a faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ who died for your sins so you may have everlasting life.

Comments like that might put Lee will be on the radar of government agencies whereas he wasn’t for previous comments noted in a 2009 post:

Lee roomed with Ismail Royer when Royer worked for CAIR as a civil rights coordinator and before he was sent to federal prison on terrorism-related charges in the investigation of the Virginia Jihad Network. Lee now writes a popular jihadist blog. One of his recent entries glorifies Muslim bloodlust: “The Prophet (SAS) was a warrior and many of the Sahabah that he loved were straight-up killers.” (SAS is an Arabic notation of respect which literally translates, “Allah prayed over him and gave him peace,” while the Sahabah refers to the companions…

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