Lawrence Kansas Muslim Brotherhood

Posted on October 16, 2011


The local media won’t tell you this, but the Muslim Brotherhood has set up shop in Kansas.

We will start with the Islamic Center of Lawrence, KS. Assistant Director Bassam Helwani – He is the 1991 founder of Culturally Speaking, a website that documents the Muslim Community in the Greater Kansas City area, including a long history. He also runs a website out of Lawrence Kansas that covers various stories concerning Islam and Muslims. On the homepage of this site located directly in the center of the page is a book by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi titled Sincerity and Brotherhood. And per the Muslim Brotherhoods own website, you can see The Turkish AK Party (Muslim Brotherhood) hold that the author of this book is a Symbol of Brotherhood in Turkey. Also on the websites run by Bassam Helwani can be found important dates for conventions across the country to be hosted by CAIR, ICNA, MAS each of whom have direct ties to Islamic terrorists and fund raisers for terrorists.  Not only does Bassam Helwani help lead the Lawrence Islamic Center and run these two websites/organizations, he also recently spoke  in Kansas City when the Midland Islamic Council was formed, Muzammil Siddiqi a well known leader of the Muslim Brotherhood attended this event as well. Family Security Matters and Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily report has more here about that event.  The website for the MIDLAND ISLAMIC COUNCIL appears to be down, but I did find a person who posted a Flyer regarding this Organization here

Pictures from these websites run by Bassam Helwani show events that take place at various locations such as UMKC auditoriums, Hotel Conference Halls, Lawrence Elementary School and such. But the location of the ISGKC should be noted. That is the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City AKA “The Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation” and they raised $100,000 to send to HAMAS a terror organization through George Galloway and Mahdi Bray. George Galloway has since been blocked entry into the country and CAIR & MASFF have both lost their 501c3 status. Former Mayor Mark Funkhouser attended the GRAND OPENING OF THE NEW ISGKC seen here giving speech.

You can see more about the Mayor meeting on Easter Weekend with MASFF in 2 videos showing MAS raising $100,000 for George Galloway VIVA PALESTINA later to be given to HAMAS leader……

It is interesting to note that the Lawrence KS Police Chief Tarik Khatib and David Haley, Kansas State Senator attended an event that was hosted by this MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD friendly Bassam Helwani who has his fingers in all these dirty little workings……. oh, did I mention the Lawrence Police Chief is named Tarik Khatib??? Oh I did??? Oh and did I mention that event was held in an Elementary School? and of course the great news that the local politicians are holding hands with the Muslim Brotherhood made the news on both the Culturally Speaking Website and the Muslim News Digest

That is correct fellow Citizens of Kansas, the Lawrence Police Chief, and a Kansas State Senator holding hands with Muslim Bortherhood.

Lets not leave out Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, he is probably the best part of the story…… you may recall the Congressman that accused Tea Partiers of spitting on him? And that was really not the case after all….. but he does love to stay close with the Brotherhood. He can be seen here praying to ALLAH and as noted on the CULTURALLY SPEAKING website run by Muslim Brotherhood friendly Bassam Helwani, the congressman attended after an invitation from none other than “CULTURALLY SPEAKING”. There is so much more to this story, but that is all for now…… this is a major FAIL on the part of the media, and they are complicit.


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